Memorable Photos in Kansai, Taken with OPPO Reno 8 Pro

We enjoyed taking photos. Why? Simply because we want to capture wonderful memories. We like to remember all those beautiful moments and unforgettable experiences we had, especially with people close to our hearts.

Our trip to the Kansai region in Japan was short but sweet. Four days in Osaka and Kyoto were definitely not enough to explore many places in Japan, but I'm glad we were able to squeeze in a short trip to this region. It was mid February, so we enjoyed the cold winter season in The Land of the Rising Sun.

Dotonbori Osaka

The Kansai region used to be the political and cultural center of Japan centuries ago. If you want to learn and see traditional old temples and shrines, we recommend joining the Kyoto and join Osaka/Kyoto Walking Tour

We took a nine hour bus trip to Osaka/Kyoto via the Willer Midnight Bus from Tokyo. The trip started at Tokyo station kajibashi parking lot, leaving the station at 10pm on Tuesday. We paid Y3,200 one way, per person. We skipped the train to save on transportation cost and it was worth it. We were also able to save on one night hotel accommodation since we left Tokyo that evening. We were welcomed with snowfalls as we passed by Kyoto on our way to Osaka.

selfie shot using OPPO Reno 8 PRO's front camera

Osaka Station
Osaka Station

It was windy and very cold when we arrived in Osaka Umeda Sky Building, where the Willer Information Center is also located. We stayed there for about an hour since it's quite early and really cold and windy outside. I was able to freshen up, brush my teeth, washed my face and even changed my clothes at their clean restroom.

Our first destination was the beautiful Osaka Castle. From the pond garden, we took lots of photos of the castle as well as the budding Plum Blossom (Japan ume flowers). While the sakura has no scent at all, plum trees smell like sweet, honey perfume.

Plum Flowers at Osaka Castle
Plum Blossom "ume" flowers 

Plum Blossom "ume" flowers
Plum Blossom "ume" flowers 

I took lots of photos using my OPPO Reno 8 PRO 5G. They were all clear and sharp. I love the photos and even videos taken with OPPO Reno 8 Pro Front Camera. It's built with Sony IMX766, is AF supported and has a closed-loop focus motor.

With a 6.7 inches screen, I enjoyed browsing my travel photos and watching the videos. It also lets me edit my videos easily. The size and weight of the OPPO Reno 8 PRO perfectly fits my small hand so I can easily shoot using one hand (height 161.2 mm, width is 74.2 mm and thickness is 7.34 mm). 

Osaka Castle Ground
Ume or Plum Blossoms at Osaka Castle Ground

Shinto Shrine in Kyoto
Shinto Shrine in Kyoto

Pagoda of To-ji Temple
Pagoda of To-ji Temple / Address: 1 Kujyo-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 

To-ji Temple is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located near Kyoto Station. The present five-storied pagoda was built in 1644. It is 55 meters high and it is the highest wooden pagoda in Japan, so there is no wonder it is one of the most famous five-storied pagodas in Japan. 

Matcha dessert in Kyoto
Matcha dessert in Kyoto

Only on this trip did I take lots of videos without minding my phone's storage. Its RAM and ROM capacities are 12 GB + 256 GB respectively. The phone has several video features such as video zoom, video slow motion, time lapse and movie mode just to mention a few but I personally like the video stabilization, so even when I am walking while shooting which I did most of the time, the videos came out nicely.

Shooting Mode: 

Rear Camera Photo, Video, Night, Pro, Panoramic, Portrait, Time-lapse, Slow-motion, Text scanner, Extra HD, Macro, Movie, Dual-view video, Sticker, and Soloop Templates.

Front Camera: Photo, Video, Panoramic, Portrait, Night, Time-lapse, Sticker, and Dual-view video

at Tokyo Train Station with my OPPO Reno 8 Pro

Did I mention about OPPO Reno 8 Pro's fast charging capability? It's one of the features I loved the most. The battery can last the whole day so I don't even have to bring a power bank. Of course, I made sure to turn off the WiFi if not in use to save battery but it's still on most of the time as I also use it for Google Maps.

I love this quote from Mark Denman. He said. “God creates the beauty. My camera and I are a witness.” We can use any type of camera whether a digital or polaroid camera, it's up to you. I highly recommend bringing one or use your smartphone's camera to capture those beautiful moments. As for me, I relied on my OPPO Reno 8 PRO to capture those scenes. How about you?


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