DefenZinC, Not Just Your Ordinary Vitamin C

Our nutrition comes from eating a well balanced meal with lots of fruits and vegetables but it is also important to take vitamins or supplements. Sometimes I wonder why I get easily tired then I will remember that I skipped my regular vitamin supplement. Vitamins bridge the nutrient gap and can help in preventing illnesses.

DefenZinC Launch

Aside from Vitamin C, our body also needs supplements like calcium, folic acid, zinc just to name a few. It is hard to find one tablet that provides all the vitamins and minerals our body needs. Then I found DefenZinC, a food supplement made of vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate that is more readily absorbed and is gentle on the stomach, zinc, and natural ingredients, rosehip, camu camu, and fish collagen.

The Makers of DefenZinC

The Family started from a humble beginning and started their business called Dextel Trading. It started its operation since 2001 providing medical supplies and generic medicines all over the country until they come up with their own brand offering a unique Vitamin C in the market.

Haliya Resort, City of Dreams
Haliya Resort, City of Dreams

DefenZinC is not just your ordinary Vitamin C, it's pack with minerals and herbal supplements such as zinc, rosehip and camu-camu that helps boost immunity and acts as an antioxidant protecting the body from free radicals. It also aids in the normal development and function of cells, helps in managing and reducing inflammation in the body, boosts resistance to fight infection, helps in natural healing of skin injuries, and may delay natural human aging process.

Haliya Resort, City of Dreams
DefenZinC Product Launch

DefenZinC Product Launch
DefenZinC Launch with Zeinab Harake

DefenZinC with Rosehip

Rosehip (Rosa canina) is a part of the rose plant that is red to orange-colored round, seed-filled bulb found underneath the rose petals. It is a rich source of vitamin C which helps boost resistance and fight infection. Also, rosehip is known to have anti-viral property.

DefenZinC has Camu camu

Camu camu is considered as a superfood because of its high content of nutrients including vitamin C. Camu camu is known to help reduce inflammation with its high content of elagic acid, an anti-oxidant known to inhibit inflammation-triggering enzyme aldose reductase.

Haliya Restaurant
City of Dreams Manila

Filipino Food at COD
Filipino Food at Haliya Restaurant

DefenZinC has Fish Collagen

Fish collagen is a type I collagen extracted from fish skin rich in two amino acids: glycine and proline. Glycine is essential in DNA and RNA creation, while proline is essential in the body’s own production of collagen. Thus, fish collagen helps in healing of skin injuries and delaying of natural human aging process.

Zeinab Harake
with influencer and DefenZinC brand ambassador, Ms. Zeinab Harake

At the product launch held at City of Dreams Manila, DefenZinC unveils its brand ambassador, Zeinab Harake. During the Q&A portion, I asked Zeinab about her beauty and wellness routine. She chooses healthy foods, avoids fatty and oily food. She also takes DefenZinC once or twice a day.

Available at leading drug stores nationwide and on their official shops in Shopee and Lazada, Defenzinc retails at P10.50/capsule. I think it's a good vitamin supplement complete with other minerals at an affordable price. Guests were given DefenZinC kit and I have yet to try it.


  1. We all need this .. ✅✅

  2. Thanks for sharing this Ms.Marj, Must try this DefenZinC.. Need talaga natin yung Vitamin/food supplement na gaya nito na kumpleto na talagang makakatulong para mas maging malakas ang ating katawan


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