Seoul Palace Tour in Autumn

There's something about autumn that many people, including myself, love. Aside from the cool weather and the autumn leaves, it's one of the best seasons for dessert - pumpkin latte, pumpkin pie, apple pie just to name a few. For many, autumn is the best time to travel overseas. I never thought I would personally experience autumn in countries like Australia, Japan and Korea.

Seoul City Tour Booked on Klook
Seoul City Tour Booked on Klook

Oh how time flies! It feels like yesterday when we were enjoying the cool autumn weather in Namiseom (Nami Island). I can't believe it's been a year since we had that memorable half a month trip to Seoul. In Korea, autumn falls between the month of September and late November and so we booked our trip last week of September to mid October for autumn foliage.

Changgyeonggung Palace
Changgyeonggung Palace

The weather is still sunny during the day but colder at night. You would definitely feel the difference between the day and the night.

Hanok in Korea
Hanok also called traditional Korean house

We visited the famous palaces in Seoul and enjoyed a night stroll at Gyeongbokgung and Gyeongbokgung Palaces. The tour would take about an hour or more so we recommend joining a guided tour. Someone that can explain the history behind the walls of each palace. Wearing a hanbok while going on a palace tour is another thing. Hanbok is a traditional Korean garment used during weddings and special occasions. We were told that you get free entrance to the palace if you come in traditional Korean attire. You may think that it might be uncomfortable wearing the long dress going around the palace but I tell you it's not. If you have time and extra for the rental, why not? Make sure to take lots of photos in your hanbok inside the palace. We did it on our last day in Seoul, before we flew back to Manila.

Outside the palace, we found a quaint dessert shop called Liege Waffle and a small restaurant offering rice bowls, ramen and other Korean foods.

Evening Stroll at the palace
Night at the palace

Autumn in Korea

There was a long queue at the waffle store and we assumed that the food was outstanding so we lined up. We ordered a Liege blueberry cream cheese waffle and it was yummy. After that, we saw a group of people gathered in one corner. We got curious so we went there and saw an old lady making Dalgona candy or sweet candy. It was a popular sweets in Seoul that was shown in a series entitled Squid Game.

Liege Waffle
long line for Liege Waffle

The leaves were still green when we arrived in Korea but as the days went by, the leaves started to fall and weather really began to drop. If you plan to visit during the -ber months make sure to check on the weather forecast so you pack clothes accordingly.

OOTD in Seoul

Zara Knitted Cardigan
Zara Blaser
GU Corduroy Pants
Nike shoes 
Heattech Uniqlo (top and pants)
polka dress from bazaar in Taiwan

I hope you enjoyed reading today's article. May this inspire you to include Seoul in your next travel adventure.


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