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During our trip in Japan, we met my husband's college friend who is now based in Tokyo. It happened that they were living near our hotel in Ginza. Since it's our first day in Tokyo and we haven't explored the surroundings yet, we decided to meet them at Hoshino Coffee which is just a few blocks away from Hotel Gracery in Ginza.

It was almost dinner time when we arrived at Hoshino Tokyo, as expected the cafe was almost full at that moment. We ordered their famous Japanese pancakes and Hoshino coffee. The black coffee was served in a small cup with milk on the side. The pancakes were flat, bigger than the pancakes in McDonald'sHoshino Japanese pancakes were served with butter and maple syrup.

Hoshino Coffee

We talked about life, reminiscing about college days and our first jobs. It was short but sweet and I'm glad to meet them. Before we left, they gave me a cute box of Lupicia tea. The box contains five different teas, mostly sakura flavored. I googled and learned that it's one of the top Japanese tea brands. I'm really thankful for the kind gesture and warm welcome.

Japanese pancakes at Hoshino

Lupicia Tea
Lupicia Tea

Today, we saw the first Hoshino Coffee in the Philippines at the newly renovated Greenhills Mall. The coffee shop seemed familiar so I went to check out their menu and that's when I realized it was the same Hoshino Coffee we visited in Tokyo last year.

Hoshino Coffee Greenhills
Hoshino Coffee Greenhills

Hoshino Coffee Menu
Hoshino Coffee Menu

I'm glad that they have opened a branch in the Philippines. Price range is reasonable and they have many dishes being offered. We did not dine since we just came from an event and still full. But I will definitely come back to try Hoshino Coffee in Greenhills.


Hoshino Coffee Ginza, Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 4 Chome−6−18

Hoshino Coffee Philippines: Ground Floor, GH Greenhills Mall, Ortigas Ave, San Juan


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