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There's more to cold weather, pine trees, fresh strawberries, ukay-ukay in Benguet province. About thirty minutes from Baguio city, you would find the Master's Garden, a beautiful farm atop the hill where organic vegetable salad are grown and served.

The Masters Garden Organic Farm, La Trinidad Benguet
The Masters Garden Organic Farm, La Trinidad Benguet

The Masters Garden Organic Farm, La Trinidad Benguet
The Compost Chamber
For me, another unique experience is taking some time to explore the organic farms in La Trinidad. It's a different kind of experience compared to our regular hotel staycation, sightseeing and shopping. More than a chance to learn about organic agriculture, talking to these passionate farmers and having the opportunity to really connect and immerse yourself makes the trip more meaningful. Even if you don't have an idea about organic farming, you will enjoy a quick visit.

The Master's Garden

Mr. Pat Acosta, owner of the Master's Garden handed us a booklet about the Master's Garden. On the first page, a note says "Welcome to God's Garden". All the while I was thinking that it refers to Mr. Acosta until I realized he is actually referring to GOD. 👀

The farm holds seminars and training for those who wants to learn and start organic farming.

1. Comprehensive Farm Tour

If you're going to do only one organic farm tour, I suggest visit the Master's Garden along Lamtang-Pico Road, Barangay Puguis, La Trinidad, Benguet. Although all of them gives a warm and friendly welcome the Master's Garden provides comprehensive and easy to understand information about organic farming.

The Master's Garden: Seedling in Pots Nursery
The Master's Garden: Seedling in Pots Nursery
The Master's Garden started 13 years ago. It's a 3,000 sq. meter size, mini-farm with beautiful and picturesque view where the land space is fully utilized and works harmoniously with nature. The size of the farm is highly manageable that a family of four can run it easily, says Pat. They grow lettuce and all the basic ingredients in making green salad. There are herbs and ornamental plants too.

The Masters Garden Organic Farm, La Trinidad Benguet

The Master's Garden also serves as an educational facility where he shares his farming experiences and teaches farmers to do organic farming.  They also accommodate school children where they learn topics on soil, decomposition, recycling, food production and the food chain.

The Masters Garden Organic Farm, La Trinidad Benguet
The Vegetable Terraces
Pat Acosta has visual aids so you would understand the topic easier. You will be given a chance to visit every chamber such as the compost chamber, seed setting chamber, transplanting chamber, seed and seedling tray nursery, sales area, herb garden and vegetable terraces.

The Masters Garden Organic Farm, La Trinidad Benguet
A unique way of growing plants using newspaper. 

Compost is an important factor in #organic farming. The Master's Garden is not using animal manure, instead they gather grass and wild plants for compost. I learned that I can also make my own compost for my plants at home from kitchen scraps, leaves and grass.

2. Freshly Pick #Organic Food 

The Multipurpose, Training & Social Hall
The Multipurpose, Training & Social Hall
The farm has a multi-purpose hall (with rest room) where they usually served scrumptious, assorted fresh green salad, herbed juice with lemon balm and mint, tarragon tea with stevia as sweetener and tasty pasta dish - freshly pick from the farm. 

Herbed Juice
Assorted Salad
Pasta with chicken
Sugar beets + carrots muffin
Tarragon Tea

I believe we're not the only visitors who got to taste it, even the farmers and garden enthusiasts who attended their training program dine at the garden's cozy multi-purpose hall. It's a social hall, a soup and salad refreshment area, a lecture hall and a coffee shop in one!

If you want more healthy organic food, the Master's Garden sells a variety of organic vegetable, herbs and flowers at a reasonable price. I brought home some lettuce and sugar beets!

3. The Master's Garden, a picture-perfect farm and garden

The Masters Garden Organic Farm, La Trinidad Benguet
The Masters Garden Organic Farm, La Trinidad Benguet
The Masters Garden Organic Farm, La Trinidad Benguet Photo by LetsGoSago
As you come closer to the main entrance, you would feel like you're in paradise. A short trip provided rest, relaxation, fresh air, good food and photo souvenir with the waterfalls and the entire garden as backdrop.

4. For first timers: 

The Master's Garden has a basic, farm guide tour but the experience is amazing. The gorgeous house, the landscape are truly inspiring you would like to start your own farm.

Mr. Pat Acosta

Let's compare organic vs. chemically sprayed vegetables. The growth rate of chemically sprayed vegetables are faster compared to the organic ones who grows on a normal pace. The texture are also softer compared to organic which are tougher. That's also the reason why pests love these type of vegetable because they can easily eat and chew them. 

The Master's Garden

Have you tasted organic fruits and vegetables? They are more tastier compared to others which are usually flat or has after-taste, the chemicals. Organic vegetable has extended shelf life and because they are not exposed to any harmful chemicals they are always fresh and free from pollution. Most of all, organic vegetables are complete with vitamins A-Z utilizing all the vitamins and minerals coming from the nature and healthy soil. 

The Masters Garden Organic Farm, La Trinidad Benguet

It's worth the time and effort visiting the farms in Benguet. It was a privilege to listen to the farmers' stories and adopt a lesson that you could also share to others. Taking some of your limited vacation time is worth the effort, aside from learning from the organic farmers, you would get a chance to try their fresh organic produce. I guess, the only danger is when you tried organic vegetables and fruits even organic coffee you may never want to go back to what you were eating before.

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If you're interested on organic agriculture, visit the following links Philippine E-extension Portal Agricultural Training Institute or follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/pinoyeXtension


Marjorie said...

We used to have a farm in La Trinidad when my lolo was still around to do both the gardening and farming. It's always refreshing being in farms.

Marjorie said...

I've following your photos for this trip and i was so envious. I hope to visit The Master's Garden on my next trip to Baguio. Meantime, i hope you can share how to make compost at home. I need that for my plants

Marjorie said...

Thank you for recommending this farm. I was wondering which one to visit in La Trinidad. Will check back on this article when we plan another trip to Baguio.

Marjorie said...

@dmhyf there are two more #organicFarms in La Trinidad that we visited. I'll share my experience in a couple of days. Perhaps you can drop by at BSU Benguet State University and buy your pasalubong like strawberry jam, peanut brittle etc. :)

Marjorie said...

@The City Roamer sure, I'll include it on my next article I will feature 2 more organic farms in Benguet and 1 coffee farm in Sagada. You have a lot of plants at home, you might want to share a pot... :)

Marjorie said...

I agree! Ang sarap tumira sa farm and the food fresh, healthy! :)

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