Oishi: Jeep O Surprise + Win 4-Feet Tall Oishi Gift Pack

We love surprises isn't it? We surprise our parents, wife/husband and our kids on special occasions. We also remember our dear friends with a simple souvenir item when we go on a vacation/trip.

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See! I can fit and hide inside this GIGANTIC #oishi #giftpack! Check out what'inside! You want this? Join my #blog giveaway now!

Earlier this month, Team O also known as Oishi with members celebrity Elmo Magalona, Ramon Baustista and Slater Young  surprised students with a project called Jeep O.

The team O members disguised themselves as regular students and jeepney riders and boarded the Oishi jeep O that went around Manila. As students would enter they would take their disguises off and surprise them with free Oishi snacks. The students really had a great time during the entire trip, aside from free photo opp with the Team O they were treated with Oishi products.

Why don't you watch this video of Team O: Jeep O! =)

The surprises doesn't end there! Oishi and LivingMarjorney wants to surprise you with a gigantic 4 feet tall Oishi gift pack. Are you ready? To join, simply follow the mechanics below.

There will be one (1) lucky winner. This contest is open to everyone in the Philippines who can pick up the prize somewhere in Makati (provincial winner can send a representative provided that they can show a valid ID and authorization letter). The more entries, the more chances of winning so it's better you complete the steps of our rafflecopter tool.

Gigantic 4-feet tall Oishi gift pack

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Bernadette Zareno-Balino said...

Bernadette Zareno-Balino
I wanna win a gigantic oishi-my all time favorite snack. Solve ang busong ng buong pamilya :)

Aileen Barcarse said...

Aileen D. Barcarse adizonb@yahoo.com

i want to win this because i love oishi and i love surprises :) i want to know how many smaller packs of oishi snacks/juices are inside the 4ft tall pack

jared's mum said...

Vix Parungao

wow a 4-ft oishi gift pack, i would love to share it with my siblings + my little man! :)

sherry ann gole cruz said...

sherry ann gole cruz


i want to win this coz this i want to share it my kids,and have a selfie pix with this gigantic oishi

Maki Yosh said...

Mara Galang
Because i love oishi and i'll share it with my brothers! :)

Mary Rose Villamora said...

Name: Mary Rose Villamora
Email Add: rose_villamora@yahoo.com.ph
Favorite namin yan lalo na ng anak ko.

Michelle Jaguimit-Namilit said...

Michelle Jaguimit Namilit
My kids and I wanna show the world that I have a 4 feet tall Oishi Gift Pack. The world is not complete without Oishi!

Josephine said...

I love oishi products ever since I was a kid! If i win, I will share it to kids so they can experience too the goodness in every bite. <3

-Josephine Aguilar


Justin Vawter Greco T Buenagua said...

Justin Buenagua

So I can share it with my friends.. let's all get drowned with oishi! :)

Mina said...

Merlina Palencia

Because my hubby and son both love Oishi snacks! :D

belinda b. ibanez said...

Belinda Ibanez
My kids will surely love this, wanna win this.

charlene juano said...

i wnt to win cause me my son and intire family love oishi snack!!! love it spicy and not vote yummy!!

Istin Dizon Paigna said...

Maria Christina Gumatay

I want to win this for our christmas break. we will definitely eat this with my brothers and kids while watching movies during the vacation. I would also want to win this so that I can show it off to my friends and neighbors, 4 feet oishi sack/bag is something to brag about! hehehe.

Girlie Camungay said...

Girlie A. Camungay
I want to win this 4 feet Oishi because our school will be having an educational fieldtrip next month and I want to share this to my students who will surely enjoy this yummy snack.

emiliana said...

emiliana sison

I want to win this for my daughter, who loves munching on any oishi snack.

Abigail said...

Abigail Sy
I'm a snack food lover. This big pack will satisfy my appetite & I can still share this to all my Pamangkins!

Arjayssa Reyes said...

Arjayssa Reyes
I want to win a 4 feet tall Oishi gift pack because I'll be sharing it with the kids here in our neighborhood :)

Mikee Cruz said...

Mikee Cruz
I want to win a 4-feet tall Oishi gift pack for my kids because they love oishi products.

ralph said...

ralph adversario


i want to win bec. i love your blog and oishi and i want to share it with my cousins

xhunter901 said...

conrado barrientos
for my kids, we love oishi

Pearliza Concepcion-Nuval Pagu said...

Pearliza Paguio
I would love to win this for my kids :)

Jhay Ramones said...

name: Rhozallino Ramones
email add: senomarj@gmail.com
I want to win a 4-feet tall Oishi gift pack Because we Love Oishi Products and it well enjoy by my family.

Nannette Magaway said...

Antonieta Magaway
Of course i want to win this 4 ft long oishi gift pack para sulit ang bonding sharing namin ng family ko

Marinela Diaz said...

Marinela Diaz
I would love to win the giant Oishi gift pack because I'm a certified Oishi fan. I'll share it with the whole family who are Oishi fans too.

Cel Mendiola said...

I want to win the 4 feet tall Oishi gift pack because this is my favorite snack eversince I was a little kid and my kids and kids at heart would love to have this specially family bonding time

Chona Gomba said...

Chona Gomba
I want to give it to my little sister & my baby niece because we all love Oishi prawn crackers! I could only imagine their delightful smiles if I take home a giant pack of Oishi (I'll get my camera ready for that priceless moment!).

caryn morales said...

caryn morales
i want to win coz ever since i'm a kid fave ko na oishi. nde nawawala yan sa pica-pica foods namin everytime mag dvd marathon kami.

arra carrasco-odeza said...

Arra Odeza
i would love to win this so i could share it with my family who loves eating snacks while we all watch movies together

Diana Beatima said...

name: Diana Beatima
emailadd: diana_beatima@yahoo.com
I want to win a 4-feet tall Oishi gift pack because I love Oishi products since my teenage years until now. favorite ko ang kerei, potato fries & Wafu leche plan. and I want to share it to my family since its my kids favorite snacks!

leizledemaisip said...

Leizle Demaisip
I wanna win the 4ft tall oishi giftpack because it's a perfect snack when we have a movie marathon together with my family.

Kirk Matoza said...

Kirk Nicole Matoza
I want to win the 4ft tall oishi gift pack because one small pack is not enough for me. I'm craviiiing for more! :)))

Ria Ramirez said...

name: Mary Anne Ramirez
email add: riaramirez4@yahoo.com
I want to win a 4-feet tall Oishi gift pack as this brings back memories of my childhood days and this will definitely amaze my family and friends. I would also like to try and make this our little christmas tree lol

Ria Ramirez said...

mary anne ramirez

I want to win the oishi gift pack because me & my family loves oishi products and this will definitily bring joy to my kidsf

Say Yap said...

Say Yap
Winning the oishi gift pack is a sure to bond with family!

Joey C. Enriquez said...

jose ma. c. enriquez

I want to win the osihi 4-feet tall gift pack because i am a super fan of oishi products and i always buy lots of gifts packs specially during Christmas and give these to kids.

maricris abarabar said...

Maricris T. Abarabar
I want to win 4 ft Oishi because I want to give as my christmas gift to my 2 kids because they love Oishi..

Shellah Alvarez said...

Shellah Alvarez
I really love Oishi products!!!

Jordyn Pacudan said...

Jordyn Pacudan
i want to win because i want to share this 4 feet tall Oishi product to my friends etc. :D

leo garcia said...

leo rances garcia


gusto ko manalo ng a 4-feet tall Oishi gift pack para ma share ko sa mga barkada at kapamilya ko.

Nelson said...

nelson guevara
I want to win the 4ft Oishi gift pack kasi bitin yung 6-inch pack. hope to win.

May Ochea said...

Maria May Ochea

I want to win the 4ft Oishi Gift pack because parang magka height lang kasi kami hindi na ako mahirapan. HAHA. Anyways, oishi is my favorite snacks of the day especially with my friends. I'll share that 4ft Oishi to all my friends out there!

Mayla Lagrimas said...

Mayla Lagrimas

I want to win a 4-feet tall Oishi gift pack because this would be perfect for kids snack at the play room while we are having our parents & teachers meeting.

Sheela Marie Castillo said...

Sheela Marie Castillo
I want to win this 4ft Oishi Gift Pack because I want to share this to my family for this season. It would be definitely bitin kung Hindi 4ft! :D

Jessica Cynch D. Rigonan said...

Jessica Cynch Rigonan
I want to win a 4ft. Oishi Gift Pack because I want to share it with my family and we love Oishi products.

ferdinand_dti said...

I want to win and scare my friends/relatives this Halloween with this 4-feet tall MONSTER Oishi gift pack!

Khrishia Ronquillo-Sedenio said...

Khrishia Anne Ronquillo-Sedenio
I want
to win the 4-ft. Oishi Gift Pack because I'm sure my kids and nephews
and nieces will enjoy munching on these Oishi treats! :-D

dianne said...

dianne rachelle david
1 want to win 4-ft. oishi gift pack because i want to watch a movie together with a midnight snack with my family :)

Marlon So said...

Because I am a big fan of Oishi!

Marlon So

Manuel So said...

Manuel So

Because I am an Oishi fanboy!

Lilia So said...

Lilia So

Because I ♥ Oishi!

Michael So said...

Dahil paborito ko ang Oishi!

Michael So

Jenny So said...

Because I am crazy in love with Oishi.

Jenny So

Vina Belandres said...

Lelorvina Belandres
I want to win the 4 feet tall Oishi gift pack Because I love Oishi eversince I was a kid. And i have plenty of nephew, nieces + my son that will surely love this. I also have 6 brothers and sisters and we all love Oishi.

mharie barcarse said...

sa lahat ng natikman ko na snacks ang OISHI ang pinaka the best at pinaka masarap ... and eto ang favorite ko at ng mga kids ko pati na rin asawa ko....we love OISHI /Mharie legaspi Barcarse/mharieclb@yahoo.com/ i want to win 4 feet pack of OISHI dahil nasarap na ang oishi kung bininili lalo na cguro kung libre hehehehehe....mant thanks po and GOD bless po <3

Lovely Joy V. Merced said...

Lovely Joy Merced

Me and my family love Oishi, this is perfect!

Kimberly Camille Tiu said...

Kimberly Camille Tiu

I would love to enjoy the goodies with my friends and family

nina llagono said...

name: Niña Llagono
email add: nina_llagono@yahoo.com

I really love eating oishi since I was in grade school. I pair it with vinegar and sili. it tastes good and makes my merienda complete! I want to win to share it also to those people around me that would like to try the goodness and crispiness taste of Oishi, I'm sure they will love it as I do!

Abigail Barcarse said...

Abigail Barcarse varczrev@yahoo.com
i want to win this 4feet tall oishi gift pack so my family and i can enjoy this for free :) i love these products of oishi since i was a kid... until now, hindi pwedeng hindi dumampot pag napadaan sa grocery :)

Jing Javier said...

Name: Jing Javier

EAD: amazingjing88(at)gmail(dot)com

I'm so looking forward and very excited to win this special Gigantic Oishi Gift Pack which is 4 ft. tall! Whoa! My family would surely love everything that's inside that huge pack, imagine all our favorite Oishi snacks rolled into one?! That would be the best early Christmas treat ever!!! I want it, I want it, I want it! :))

Diana Beatima said...

name:Rogelio Beatima
emailadd: rogeliobeatima@yahoo.com
I want to win a 4-feet tall Oishi gift packs because Its my favorite snack.. this is also my teen daughter's favorite snack especially while watching a movie at our home.

MitchyMZ said...

Michelyn Zamora
I want I want to surprise myself!! hahahahaha have you heard of anything like that lol....selfishy thats just because its my BIRTHDAY this month and for a change I will surprise myself with a GIANT GIFT only from my childhood fave snack OISHI -ishi ishi :) Thanks & More Power! xoxo

Nick Ilagan said...

Nicasio Ilagan
Because my kids love Oishi and taking home this 4-ft of goodies and seeing their O-Wow faces is my O-Wow moment! So please let me win!

Karen Atienza said...

Karen Atienza
I want to win this because it's for my birthday surprise this December and also my favorite snack. :))

Steve del Castillo said...

Steve del Castillo

I want to win because i want to share it to my nephews and nieces they love oishi so much!

Dee Ira Aquino Fortes said...

dee ira fortes
i want to win this giant oishi gift because i want to share to the children here in the village :)

Rjohn Hurgoo Rodriguez said...

love to win this :)
John Rey H rodriguez

Maria Corazon Letada said...

Maria Corazon Letada


I want to win a 4-feet tall Oishi gift pack because I wanna try the Oishi goodies and share it to my family and friends while we are having fun! :)

Matthew said...

Matt Pua
For more fun bonding moments with family and friends plus happiness!

Yam Ongsioco said...

may ongsioco
i want to win for my kids :)

Andrea de Guzman said...

Andria Marie de Guzman

me and the whole members of our family loved OISHI specially my kids thats why i am wishing to win in this awesome contest

Elinor Semira said...

Ma. Elinor Semira
elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com
I want to win a 4-feet tall Oishi gift pack coz it would be great to share it with family and friends.

Mei Santiago said...

Mei Santiago

I want to win because I love eating Oishi... when i watched movies I see to it that I have Oishi on my side

Julieta Barrera said...

Julieta B. Ozarraga
I want to win this giant Oishi because it's a good partner while having a family bonding. :)

wilfred hundana said...

wilfred hundana
basta tatak oishi masarap kc.

jessiemer abing said...

Jessiemer ABing
I want the giant Oishi cuz it's much taller than my fave teddy bear! <3

Marlene Yanga said...

I want to win this giant Oishi because I will give it to my son on his birthday.I'm sure he will share this to his friends.

Marlene R. Yanga

leyanna said...

Leyanna Fortes

winning this giant oishi pack will certainly be an O-WOW moment for me and my family whom i'll share the treat with.

Rey said...

Rey Dimarucut

I want to surprise my son on his birthday

Virginia Cabasan said...

Virginia Cabasan

I want it because my entire family will surely love it specially my nieces and nephews.

Abigail Ong said...

abigail ong
I want to share this gigantic snack with my family and office mates

cornelio said...

I want to win a 4-feet tall Oishi gift pack to give to my daughter who so love oishi

Mariel Mirador said...

i want to win because my daughter love it she loves to eat oishi everyday

Crystal Cruz said...

Crystal Cruz
I want to share this to all the family members while going in our province inside our jeep.

POLAY said...

Doneil Hementiza / doneil.hementiza@gmail.com / I want to win a 4-feet tall Oishi gift pack so I can make a halloween costume out of the big packaging. :)

Mitchelle Rose Valmonte Deguzm said...

mitchelle de guzman/deguzman.mitchelle@yahoo.com/... i want to win this huge oishi gift pack for jp!!!!!!

Ma. Clarice Lao said...

Ma. Clarice Lao
I want to win because i want to share it with my entire family. will have a get together soon and this will be the perfect attraction and centerpiece of the affair.

allanoreyes said...

Allan Reyes

I want to win this because I love oishi 24/7


Kia Maureen Parianes

I want to win this because my sister for my birthday in November. i love Oishi. <3 <3 <3 :)


Kia Maureen Parianes

I want to win this because my sister for my birthday in November. i love Oishi. <3 <3 :)


Kia Maureen Parianes

I want to win this because my sister for my birthday in November. i love Oishi. <3 :)


Kia Maureen Parianes

I want to win this because my sister for my birthday in November. i love Oishi.:)

Erika Rodriguez said...

Rica Rodriguez


I would LOVE to win the 4-feet tall Oishi Gift pack for my kid. I am sure he will enjoy these treats because he loves eating Oishi Products :) :)

menandro marilag said...

i want that 4 feet tall oishis gift pack for my kids.......

Antonette A. Magistrado said...

Antonette A. Magistrado


I want to win this prize 4-feet tall Oishi Gift pack for my kids they really love it and for my hobby because i want to surprise him in his birthday!

leirs said...

Leira Pagaspas
I want to win because I want to share Oishi products with Joshwa;s classmates in Special Education. The kids will love that..

Camille Quiambao said...

camille quiambao

I want to win because it is my fave snack.

John Michell said...

john michell hundana
oishi is my favorite

majoy puertos said...

Name: Marijoy Satana

Email: majoyskie_21(at)yahoo(.)com

Mag - papa- oishi party ako kapag nanalo ako :D

Julie Gonzales said...

Julie Gonzales


I want to sleep with this big Oishi pack. Im a big fan!

Rhea Liza Lirios Munoz said...

Rhea Liza L. Muñoz
I want to win this prize para meron akong maipamigay sa mga bata dito sa pasko... Para naman maging Merry din ung christmas nila.. :)

Kany Vic Perez said...

Kany Vic Perez


Our family is a big fan of Oishi, Magandang pamasko at pa halloween to especially punung puno ng treats ang 4 feet tall Oishi :)

Arwin Cobar said...

Arwin L. Cobar


I want to win because i want to share it with my entire family. will
have a get together soon and this will be the perfect attraction and
centerpiece of the affair.

mary jane hernandez said...

mary jane hernandez
i want to win because i love oishi,and i want to share it with my whole family and friends.

slither1004 said...

Because its one of a kind, My niece birthday is just around the corner and I want to share it with the my family and to her friends.

Aida Villanueva

dima hernandez said...

dima hernandez

id like to win this 4ft tall oishi for may whole family specially for my 3 daughters who will definitely be happy to see the big pack right on our doorstep. thank you in advance!

Mary Jay Javier said...

Mary Jay Javier


Becoz November is my Bday month and It would be the biggest gift i can receive. :)

AeRis Brioso said...

Aegeane Mikka Brioso
it would be my gift for myself because its my birthday, hope to win. :)

Marites Javier said...

Marites Javier

perfect gift for my daughter. :)

Jay Jay Javier said...

jayver javier

to share with my entire family <3 :)

Benjamin Insuya said...

benjamin insuya

coz today is mah b-day! :)

Jaff Gabriel said...

Juan rafaell Gabriel

I wanna win this awesome biggie stuff because I want to share it with the street kids living near our house. I always see them playing kasi and I thought, if this oishi goodies would be mine, I'll send love by sharing it to them. For sure, it will give them smiles on their faces. Hoping to win. :) Good luck everyone! :)

Zyra Anne said...

Zyra Anne Perez


i want to have this 4ft Oishi loveable Chichirya! Love it much!!!!

Victoria Jose said...

Victoria Jose


Best gift for a family that is truly in love with oishi!

Kuya Charlz said...

Charlz Vic Perez


I want it to share with my family...

Victor Perez said...

Victor Perez


The best for A Fan Oishi to have this and share with my family!

Elle C. said...

Roselle Joyce Caldez

i want to share it with family and friends :D

Marjorie said...

Thanks to all who joined this giveaway, Congratulations to Ma. Clarice Lao-Itumay! Winner will be contacted through FB and email. :)

Stay tuned, we have lined up three (3) more giveaways! Merry Christmas in advance!

Ma. Clarice Lao said...

Thank you so much! :) Grabe!! Super happy!



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