Discovering Mt. Kitanglad in Bukidnon

Bukidnon is located in the Northern Mindanao region. The capital city is Malaybalay. Rest and relaxation and a visit to several parks such as Dahilayan Park, one of the interesting things to do in Bukidnon is visiting farms.

Let me take you back to the organic farms I visited a couple of months ago. Upon the invitation of the Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Training Institute we visited five organic farms in Cagayan De Oro and Bukidnon

Mt. Kitanglad Agri-Ecological Techno-Demo Center
If you follow me on instagram, You've probably noticed my feeds showcasing local food of Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro. Last on our itinerary is Mount Kitanglad Agroforestry, it's a spanning 23 hectares farm with fish and frog ponds, nursery and vermi composting. Mt. Kitanglad is the home of cattle, goat, free range native chicken and ducks. Twice awarded as best eco park in Mindanao, Mt. Kitanglad Agri-Ecological Techno-Demo Center is a well-maintained eco park.

Mt. Kitanglad Agri-Ecological Techno-Demo Center

Mt. Kitanglad farm was the last in our itinerary but also the most memorable one. We were served with nutritious meal comprises of tilapia cooked in coconut milk and langka, a kind of vegetable. For dessert, we had Mindanao's red banana, it has a high nutritional value and usually available only in the province of Mindanao. We also had citrus passion fruit juice.

Red banana from Mindanao
Red banana from Mindanao has high nutritional value
Filipino dish
ginataang fish and chicken tinola for lunch
Bukidnon was raining the past few days, but it did not stopped us touring the forest trek. I wore Merrell shoes.

passion fruit juice
pure passion fruit juice
Our home at Mt. Kitanglad reminds me of a community immersion I attended in Nueva Vizcaya in 2001. We had a simple room with bunk beds with mattress, pillow and blanket. The weather was cold in the afternoon and twice in the evening. I enjoyed our farm meal with an old farmer, Benjamin Maputi. Then we started the eco-walk which lasted more than an hour.

Benjamin Maputi

The farm tour started at the passion fruit garden. I couldn't compare these passion fruit to the ones I had in SagadaPassion fruit looks like caimito or star apple. We used to have it when we were little in my grandma's backyard. There were lots of star apple tree in Manila back then.

Passion fruit in Bukidnon
Passion fruit in Bukidnon
I was told that they also supply eucalyptus oil and citronella oil for Human Nature Philippines, a company that makes natural beauty products from shampoo, lotion, lip balms among others.

Organic Farm in the Philippines

Farm tourism in the Philippines

Organic Eucalyptus plant

Let the forest trek begin

This eucalyptus plant can treat headache and aching body.

Mt. Kitanglad Farm Malaybalay Bukidnon

Part 5: What Mt. Kitanglad Farm Has Taught Me

The long walk tested my endurance and strength. So proud that I finished the trekking.

Merrell shoes for outdoor adventure
Merrell sandals recommended for outdoor adventure
We passed by huge, tall and mostly unfamiliar trees. It delights me seeing and climbing a eucalyptus tree just because I uses eucalyptus and other essential oils for a long time. The eucalyptus tree provided a better view of the forest.

climbed the eucalyptus tree
climbed the eucalyptus tree

Eco-walk at Mt. Kitanglad

I accidentally slipped on a mud while on trail. Ouch ouch! I was wearing leggings and yet my knees got scratched. Nothing serious though besides I always have a first-aid kit when traveling. Good thing I brought this Betadine Wond SprayI'm glad that I'm also wearing a comfortable and reliable hiking shoes by Merrell which I really bought for this trip so going up and down the slippery road was easy.

Hiking at Mt. Kitanglad
yes I made it!
eco-walk at Mt. Kitanglad
eco-walk at Mt. Kitanglad
Outfit: Merrell Shoes for outdoor adventure
Top by Forever 21
Building relationship while traveling

Back to Mr. Maputi's house, I saw manong drivers carrying our luggages. The scene reminded us for the famous movie with Manilyn Reynes' Shake, Rattle & Roll. Our drivers said, "bilisan nyo kailangan na nating umalis bago mag alas-singko." No, there's no aswang in Mt. Kitanglad. Nothing to be scared, the drivers were referring to heavy rain and muddy road going down the mountain. 😅

Building Relationship at Mt. Kitanglad
with Ruth of MommyWrites
Agricultural Training Institute
with ATI team

Traveling provides great opportunity for self discovery and communing with nature. It also strengthens bond and builds interpersonal relationship. Have you been to Mt. Kitanglad in Malaybalay, Bukidnon? If not, this is the right time to discover places we often miss. Special thanks to the Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Training Institute and Mr. Ben Maputi. 

Watch the full video of our trekking at the end of this post.

Watch this short video of our forest trekking in Mt. Kitanglad

Just a little background about #OABlogger group. It was in 2013 when we started going around different provinces to discover, promote and support farmers and their crops, particularly on organic products. We also visited organic coffee farms in the Philippines. For three years now, I hope in my little ways, I was able to promote farm tourism in today's lifestyle. May it be in your choice of food or incorporating farms in your itineraries and vacation. This travel experiences has great impact in my lifestyle.




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