Brownies Unlimited, My Favorite Brownie

Brownies Unlimited satisfies my craving for sweets with their various products. Last Christmas, I decided to give Brownies Party Cupcakes to some of my friends. It's a cute and yummy Christmas Present! It comes in different colors to choose from so I had to know what's their favorite color to make it personalize. Cupcakes are available in blue, lavender, pink, white, chocolate, or white chocolate icing.

My personal favorite is the Rocky Road and Pebble Beach Brownies simply because I love marshmallows and cashew nuts. 

Rocky Road - fudge brownies topped with marshmallows, decorated with choco icing. Same goes with Pebble Beach except for the caramel icing on top.

Available in :
Singles - Php 15
6 - Pak  Pre-assorted Brownies  - Php78
12 - Pak Pre-assorted Brownies - Php142

Brownies Unlimited
Rocky Road Brownie

Brownies Unlimited 

Their brownies are crunchy outside but so chewy and soft inside. The sweetness is just right. The texture never change even after you refrigerate them. Every time I go shopping, grocery days or just hanging around the mall, I always drop by to have a few bites of my favorite Rocky Road and Pebble Beach Brownies, it goes well with a hot cup of coffee.

Brownies Party Cupcakes
Singles - P29
3 Pieces (any flavor) - P 85
 6 Pieces (any flavor) - P165

Brownies Unlimited
 Pink Cupcake - Fudge  topped with Italian icing and Sprinkles

Brownies Unlimited

Lavander - Fudge cupcake topped with Ube Flavored icing and sprinkles
White - Fudge cupcake topped with chocolate flavored icing and chocolate droplets
Choco flavor has chocolate icing on top and mini chocolate chips

Brownies Unlimited

Treat yourself to a delicious brownies and cupcakes today

Brownies Unlimited website:

How about you, what's your faborite Brownies Unlimited flavor?


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