Visiting Pan De Amerikana In Marikina

PANDESAL is very common in every Filipino breakfast. So, "saan mo natikman ang pinakamasarap na Pandesal?"

For me, the best Pandesal is the 1950's Pandesal from Pan de Amerikana. Their pandesal is kind a different because it's so big, it's so crunchy outside but so soft inside. You can eat as it is.

Pan De Amerikana in Marikina


The Menu   Aside from their best seller Pugon baked Pandesal, they also serve Marikina's all-time favorite menu like EVERLASTING, an embotido shaped with a "llanera". WAKNATOY is Marikina's version of Manudo with  pickles. According to the owners, it was called EVERLASTING and WAKNATOY because they are always served during fiestas. Also available are Bicolano's Laing, Cebuano's Sinugba, Sisig (Pork, Bangus), Pastas like Spaghetti and Carbonara. Favorite Filipino breakfast meal like longganisa, tapa, daing and tocino.  

For the Beverages, they served Brewed Coffee, Iced Tea, hot chocolate and fruit juices. Price starts at Php 10-30. Aside from great taste, food are very affordable. Regular Pandesal is priced at Php5.50, Mega-sized Ensaymada is Php10, Giant-sized Pandesal Pan de Amerikano is Php55, Everlasting and Waknatoy Php35.

Dining Experience

Dine in a garden setting with tree house, traviesa benches, waterfalls, rope bridge, antique wooden chairs and tables, wishing well etc. Enjoy playing chess on their life-size chess pieces imported from New York. Play using their imported chess boards and chess pieces that you can borrow just ask their staff. 

Relaxed and enjoy your huge pandesal, huge-sized ensaymada or any of their savory sandwiches while surfing the net with their free wi-fi connectivity.

If you want to dine-in that's value for your money, this is a place you can enjoy, play and have fun! 

While waiting on our food, I decided to go around and took pictures of interesting pieces, sit on their benches from one to another and throw a coin on the wishing well.

Pan De Amerikana Review

Below are some of Pan De Amerikana's  Imported Collections of Chessboards  & Chess pieces.

Check out interesting antique collections inside their restaurant

Pretty ornaments inside a clean comfort room.

Don't forget to bring home a pack of hot Pandesal and Ensaymada for your loved ones.

Pan de Amerikana, a unique place where we can enjoy great food (Huge Pandesal and Ensaymada, Marikina's local dishes) relaxing ambiance in a garden setting and a great spot for foodies, photographers and bloggers to hangout. Play the Giant Chess Board and Chess Pieces imported from New York. So when do you plan to visit Pan De Amerikana?

Pan de Amerikana Bakeshop and Restaurant
92 Ordonez St Concepcion dos, Marikina
Tel No. +632 475-2398, 0917-5308824

Pan de Amerikana,Quezon City
118 Katipunan Ave White Plains, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel No. +632 4211966

Pan de Amerikana, Makati City
Constellation Drive Corner Makati Avenue Bel Air Makati, Philippines
Phone: +632 3879413

Pan de Amerikana, San Juan
Unit 4 Madison Building Wilson Street San Juan Metro Manila Philippines
Phone: +632 3849413


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