A New Cooking Companion: My ELBA Kitchen Cookbook

For some, a good massage or trip to a beauty salon is a way of pampering themselves. For me, I love dining at restaurants (simple & affordable to high-end restaurants and hotels at times) or just any fast-food. Of course, it depends on the budget, reason for going out and the people I bring with. I have to admit, there are times I just want to sit down and wait for the food to be serve but that don’t happen at home because I prepare the food for myself.  It’s not everyday that I go out to eat. I still enjoy the food I personally prepare at home. Even if I’m alone, I don’t settle to processed and canned foods. And it helps a lot when you know a dish or two.


Being the eldest in the family I learned to cook at an early age and it was an easy task for me. Now at my age, cooking is another hobby and I had tried a lot of dishes guided by different recipes, be it online, from magazines and newspapers to cookbooks.

I am proud to say that I am a good cook and I can even do it perfect on my FIRST attempt. I owe my cooking skills to cookbooks and food magazines I read. Since my teenage years, I started collecting recipes from supermarkets (which are distributed for free) and from many printed materials. I even joined a recipe club and receives regular recipes sent right at my doorstep and even through emails.

For me, you’re a good cook when you know how to invent, reinvent, use available resources and follow recipes. It’s so overwhelming when people recognize the food you prepare, when someone requested you to cook again. I know there are still a lot more to learn and for me I can only do that with the guide of a cookbook. Now, I found a new cookbook to add on my recipe collection. It will make our meals more enjoyable and fun.

Recently, I was invited to celebrate the launched of “MY ELBA KITCHEN” Cookbook, a collection of 60 exciting pasta dishes that’s quick and easy-to-prepare. Delicious, easy pasta dishes from the cookbook was demonstrated by Maxim Cookware’s Chef Endorser Darin Epp.

Here are sumptuous pasta dishes cooked during the event
All of which are included in MY ELBA KITCHEN Cookbook


A delicious and healthy Salmon and Pasta dish using low-fat milk and cream.


I was amazed how lasagna turned to a yummy dessert! Looks delicious! Simple and easy to prepare dessert that looks very appetizing with the creative presentation. I can’t wait to do it at home.

Pasta dishes presented during the event are included in the “MY ELBA KITCHEN COOKBOOK”.
ELBA Cookers from Italy has been our partner for many years in preparing delicious food for our family and friends with their elegant and state-of-the-art cooking equipments and home appliances. Now, ELBA shares a new way to make cooking fun and exciting with their collection of easy-to-follow recipes with “MY ELBA KITCHEN."

e invite FINAL

You don’t need a formal education or become a chef to be able to create such delicious dishes. Your interest and passion will teach you, so start cooking now. With these recipes, food will be the topic in every family meal and gatherings. If you’re a foodie you must learn how to cook and believe me it’s very easy when you are guided.  It could be your mom, husband or wife, but mine is an interesting, easy-to-prepare recipes from a cookbook like "My ELBA Kitchen". Available at all leading bookstores nationwide at Php399 only, grab your copies now!

Happy Cooking!


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