Snack at BreadTalk


I was in Landmark (Makati) Food Court area yesterday and looking for something light to eat when I saw a crew of BreadTalk brought out freshly baked breads. I haven’t had those for so long now and since my stomach started calling for merienda (snack) looking at those yummy breads and pastries, I didn’t bother to go around and look for donuts, which is actually my first choice. Each bread is so unique and appealing. I love the Floss but this time I decided not to have one. I bought only two items and both are stomach filling and delicious that I would definitely have on my next purchase.

Meet Mr. Beans! His cute face and sweet smile makes it so interesting to eat. With the brown crust, it’s still soft inside and out. I like the sweet ube filling and the chocolate lining on its face. Aside from its delicious taste it has a captivating smile that will make your day.


This is another favorite, Kick Kick.  It’s soft and smells sweet. The icing is light, not too sweet.

DSC04025 DSC04028

After a day’s hard work, enjoy simple pleasures from BreadTalk!


  1. Ako super favorite ko talaga ang Spicy Pork Floss nila. Walang kasawa sawa. :)

  2. Masarap talaga ang mga breads nila. Uy I have a tag for you!

  3. @ Manilena Mom. Thanks for dropping by! It was nice meeting you at last night's event. Thanks for the tag, I'll give it a try. :)


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