The First Ever Bloggers’ Buffet at Carol’s Texan 5!

Finally, the much awaited Bloggers’ buffet at Carol's Texan 5 happened last June 23. A night packed with sumptuous food, trivia games and prizes and most of all a chance of getting-to-know fellow bloggers.

I almost back out due to heavy rains caused by typhoon Falcon. The event will start at 7pm so Badalyn and I left Robinsons Galleria around 5pm hoping we will arrive earlier or just on time but that afternoon we didn't even thought we will be stranded along Abad Santos Street. Our clothes wet, the shoes I received last Christmas ruined and soaked to flood good thing, I brought extra blouse. Other bloggers also arrived and expressed how they conquer the bad weather. 

I don't want to miss this event for so many reasons. Few weeks ago I blogged about Bloggers' Buffet at Carol's Texan 5 and luckily I was selected to be part of this event. Secondly, I really wanted to taste Carol's best sellers ribs, chicken and pasta though I can just go there some other time but this is the First Ever Bloggers' Buffet, there are still a lot of Pinoy Bloggers I wanted to meet. I thought it will be a fantastic evening and I wasn't wrong! Third, I wanted to meet the owner Ms. Carol Chan and will ask her the secret ingredients, though she wasn't able to share it, we can always taste sumptuous chicken and ribs at her restaurant or have our food delivered. Last but not the least, this will be my first time to personally meet my second cousins Jennifer and Jesselyn that I accidentally saw on our group and Facebook. I was browsing the members when I saw her surname the same with my middle name, so I thought of sending her a private message. When I checked her profile, there I saw a common friend. During the event we were able to figure out the connection and had exchange of stories about our families, small world indeed!

Carol's Texan 5 owned by Ms. Carol Chan who loves American food and with this inspiration she mastered cooking ribs that her family and friends loved so much. When she opened the restaurant she served her five favorite dishes: Cowboy Roast beef, Five Star Fish & Fries, Dynamite Wings, Ribs and Tomato Basil Pasta. If you’re thinking why and how she named her restaurant Carol’s Texan 5 - her love for American food, her 5 favorite/specialty dishes, and her name Carol.


In this photo: Ms. Carol Chan of Carol's Texan 5 and Tristan Mirasol. 

It was the First Ever Bloggers’ Buffet, food was arranged at the function room but they also prepared the food for photo purposes. That night we enjoyed the following:

Dynamite Wings – this is indeed dynamite in taste! At first I thought it was spicy and I cannot tolerate too much spices on any food so I just had 3 pcs but it was not actually what I thought to be. The dynamite wings is explosively delicious. It has the right sweetness and spiciness that will burst on your mouth, dip it on the white cream sauce and it’s perfectly delicious, you’ll surely want to have more.

ULTIMATE TEXAN RIBS – how can I complain to their juicy, tender, sumptuous ribs at Carol’s Texan 5. The meat easily fall of the bone without much effort! Delicious to the bones and I am happy to announce that I was able to finish one and half segment which I usually don’t with other ribs. Partnered with mixed veggies and sauce, the Ultimate Texan Ribs hits my palate!
TOMATO BASIL PASTA – aside from the sumptuous Dynamite Wings and Ribs, they also offer Pasta dishes for pasta lovers like me. That night they served us their best-seller Tomato Basil Pasta which is just fine for me. It’s a little sour because of tomatoes combined with right amount of saltiness and sweetness. As always basil goes well in all pasta dish. I love the flat noodles, it’s not dry and doesn’t have heavy flavor.
MAGNOLIA ICE CREAM FOR DESSERT – we had vanilla, chocolate and strawberry Magnolia ice cream for dessert to complete the meal.
The restaurant has a cowboy theme and a “Wanted” photo booth were customers will surely enjoy having their photos taken wearing cowboy hats and props.
DSC05279 (Left to Right) That’s me, My cousins Jesselyn and Jennifer and Bedalyn

I really enjoyed the night, aside from the delicious eat-all-you-can dinner, it was a night of getting to know each other as we walk in front and introduced ourselves. We also had Bottled Ice Tea from San Miguel, Antonov Apple Vodka (which I didn’t try), Fern C Coffee and a Leather Pocket Journal from Carol’s Texan 5.

The night was not over when we hired a jeep we thought would bring us to Robinsons Galleria but was not allowed to pass through so we ended up walking at the middle of the night. Chatting and laughing continues as we walked along a private subdivision until we reached Greenhills shopping mall. Thank God it was not raining heavily. I am very happy I personally meet my second cousins Jenn and Jesselyn, and had an exciting rainy afternoon with Bedalyn on our way to the venue.

I will miss a lot if I easily quit and discouraged by unstoppable rain showers and flood. It’s really true that somewhere along the way there’ll be bad and unexpected things that may happen you just need to have courage and always be ready whatever storm faces you.   

Carol’s Texan 5 located at the 2nd Floor 713 J. Abad Santos St. Barangay Little Baguio San Juan, Metro Manila. They also deliver  (San Juan, Mandaluyong, Greenhills, Ortigas and Pioneer) call (02) 727-3843 / 0922-485-0154. Other services includes: Dine-in/Take out, Event Food Booths, Party Trays, Functions, Kiddie Meal Sets.


  1. Thanks for this, Marge. We really cannot thank you all enough for coming, esp. with the heavy rains you all had to brave. Ganda ng mga kuha mo ng photos ng food ha. You have an eye for it. :) See you at the next Bloggers Buffet! God bless!


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