Mondo Juice – no lies, no extra whatchamacallits!

Healthy lifestyle starts with proper exercise, stress free environment and eating healthy nutritious food. If you want fresh organic vegetables and fruits you can easily find them at weekend markets, some supermarkets and organic stores. Most restaurants, kiosks and food stalls offers healthy snacks and beverages too! Newly opened Milk Tea stores like Gong Cha and Cha Time offer a wide selection of beverages. Not to mention the benefits of drinking tea, these beverages are deliciously thirst quenching and truly satisfies our taste buds. Recently, I’ve been hooked to these beverages, I love Gong Cha House Special and Cha Time’s Red Bean Smoothie gives a different taste and flavor on tea.

It was raining heavily that afternoon so I decided to stay for a while at the nearest mall somewhere in Ortigas. I started to feel hungry, my small tummy gurgling and alarming me to have something to eat. I look somewhere I could stay while waiting the rain to stop (hopefully), until I saw this pretty small yet clean and cute place. “A juice bar specializing in all natural premium smoothies. Using only fruits, juice, and a little love, no syrup, no sweeteners, no lies, no extra whatchamacallits”– Mondo Juice’s tag line.

Mondo Juice has three stores, one in SM Megamall, Alimall and the other one in Robinson Galleria. The store is relatively small yet clean, bright and pretty with their wall decors and cute plastic chairs. It can accommodate less than 20 people. DSC04671 At the counter, you’ll see different colored stickers made for all their drinks. It contains information on the drink you’ve ordered.DSC04665

Aside from smoothies and juices they also offer sandwiches, cakes and pastries.

DSC04661 DSC04683 DSC04660 DSC04666

I also noticed their cute plastic chairs…wall decors with cute pictures and quotes and statements.

   DSC04684 DSC04663

The staff offered me their combo meal, Bacon & Egg Sandwich with Ice Tea or Coffee. You know me, I really can’t resist coffee especially now that it’s cold and raining but I wanted to try their juices so I thought of starting with their Original Ice Tea. It doesn’t have an extraordinary taste except that it’s not too sweet and very light in flavor compared to other ice teas. DSC04674

It took them about less than 10 minutes to serve my meal, I guess it’s really freshly made and cooked.  DSC04673

With freshly cooked scrambled egg, bacon and thin spread of mayonnaise in between hot and fresh Focaccia bread with Rosemary. It’s crispy, toasted outside but soft and deliciously good inside. This bread is seriously good! It has filled with flavors of olive oil. To make it sure that they are providing high quality products, they make their own bread, says a crew of Mondo Juice.  DSC04675DSC04678DSC04676DSC04680 

Overall, it was a great, delicious combo meal. I just ate half of the sandwich and bring home the remaining half. I think it will be more delicious if they will add some cheese on it.. :)

Next time, I’ll try their smoothies! ♥♥

200866_10150118464377844_109139692843_6673561_6101124_o 35164_410635822843_109139692843_4734741_2741601_n 168112_490601827843_109139692843_6226247_6353700_n

                                            (Photos from Mondo Juice Facebook Page)


So, if you want to take a break from too much caffeine, go to the nearest Mondo Juice and enjoy natural premium beverages!



Mondo Juice Branches:

  • 4th Floor Bridgeway, SM Megamall
  • 4th Floor Robinsons Galleria
  • Alimall, Cubao

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