A Light Breakfast & Complimentary drink at CBTL

After the BGC Passion Parade I decided not to go home in Bulacan due to heavy rain since Friday. Thanks to Mama Nena and Grace for being grateful and letting me stay with them every time I’m in Manila. The next day the weather was still gloomy, no wonder because summer is over and rainy season has arrived. For me this is a great time for hot soups, hot beverages like coffee and tea so Grace and I went to the nearest Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Quezon City.

A cup of coffee is my favorite morning companion. I don’t usually eat heavy breakfast since I wake up late most of the time (that’s because I don’t sleep early!). This time I had something light, Tasty Toast with a mug of Strawberry Cream. I noticed the pyramid shape of the tea bag. According to some articles I read, pyramid shape bags allows the whole uncut leaves and blossoms to fully expand, providing maximum flavor infusion and the same time richness and aroma. The name speak for itself, scented with flavors of strawberries and cream! I still add some sugar to sweeten it. It’s light and much soothing to throat compared to black teas. I searched about Strawberry Cream and found out that it’s a kind of Flavored Green Tea originating from China and Japan.


                           Strawberry Cream

Something to eat, I had tasty toast with butter, strawberry jam and few slices of peaches and prune. This is enough for my small tummy. :)

I always like the coziness inside this coffee shop. I can relax and do my assignments comfortably. You can also enjoy free Wifi connectivity in all stores if you hold a Swirl Rewards Card, which a friendly staff offered to me but I don’t think I’ll be needing it right now. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has more power outlets compared to other coffee shops. Now, they also have Laptop Locks so you don’t have to worry leaving your laptop each time you need to go to the comfort room.


               Tasty Toast (panini bread, butter and jam)

That same day (May 29), Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf launched the new Espresso and Cream Ice Blended. At 10am, I saw people queuing up to get their complimentary 12oz. 


For espresso lovers who wants something different, the new addition to the CBTL Ice Blended concoction has arrived recently. It has rich espresso taste with thick whipped cream. I love its sweet, creamy flavor with the mild espresso kick aftertaste.


I finished my breakfast enjoying a complimentary 12oz of Espresso and Cream Ice Blended. That’s enough dose of caffeine for a quite busy Saturday. DSC04399 

This new addition of ice blended concoction is now available at all Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branches.


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