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For personal care products, I see to it that I don’t frequently change from one brand to another. Once I discover the best product that fits me, I use it for years until I found a better one. Getting gorgeous is not easy and that’s what women strives for. I’m a regular customer of a popular and first ever straightening salon in our country. Spending thousands of pesos just to achieve a beautiful hair, who cares as long as I look and feel good. I usually go there twice a year because I am happy with their services. But aside from the regular shampoo and conditioner regimen, I’m still in search for products that will keep my “treated” hair soft and smooth. Now that I’ve found this new product it will help me maintain a straight, shiny hair I’ve always wanted and also protects it from chemicals used during treatments and straightening.

Few days ago, I received an invite and was surprised that it was about a product that will take hair to the next level of shine. I was interested to know about it so I went to the event held at Astoria Plaza. 

DSC04893On June 15, Splash Corporation introduced the new Celebrity Endorser for VITRESS. She is a French-Filipino model and actress. A sought-after print and commercial model, a fashion designer, a professional make-up artist, a painter, singer and actress Ms. Solenn Heussaff. Solenn reveals that she now uses Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat after discovering that it keeps her hair shiny, smooth and more manageable. She adds that beautiful, healthy hair that radiates and intense shine is important for someone in her profession.


Ms. Joanna King (VITRESS Brand Manager), Ms. Pamela Sulit (Marketing Manager for Hair Category), Ms. Solenn Heussaff (Vitress Ambassadress), Ms. Nina Marcelo (Account Manager, GASSO), Ms. Nancy Dy (Art Director, GASSO)

  DSC04939 DSC04948

VITRESS takes hair to the next level of shine. It has Three Specialized Variants:

VITRESS Instant Relax Cuticle Coat which works best for those who have curly and wavy hair, like me. This product is best for taming unruly hair and giving it naturally straighter look. All CuticlesVITRESS Hair Repair Cuticle Coat protects the hair from the the bad effects of chemicals used in dyeing, perming and other hair treatments. 

VITRESS Heat Protect Cuticle Coat protects the hair from harmful effects of frequent curling, ironing, or blow-drying so you can wear all the hairstyles you want. Cuticle Coat Specialized VITRESS Leave-On Cuticle Coat is available in handy on-the-go bottles that you can bring and use anywhere, anytime, all the time. HairPolish

VITRESS Hair PolishFamily shot

VITRESS products are available at department stores, supermarkets and drug stores nationwide.

Make our hair more beautiful anywhere, anytime with VITRESS.


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