My Soda Stream Home Soda Maker

There’s a kitchen tool that I wanted to share to all of you. It makes a tap water turn to sparkling water and to flavor carbonated water in just few seconds. This is an alternative in purchasing pre-packed bottles or cans. It has a lot of important benefits both to consumers and to our environment. With this system there is cost savings and no hassles with bottles.


I got this Soda Stream Home Soda Maker during the raffle at the event My ELBA Kitchen Cookbook Launch. Thanks to ELBA! my new Soda Stream home drinksmaker lets me enjoy fresh, fizzy soda water and sparkling soft drinks in seconds. 


Why I love my new Soda Stream Home Drinks Maker?

  • Great savings compared to buying bottled or can soft drinks and beverages.
  • Environmentally-friendly having few or zero empty bottles and cans at home. Imagine less garbage and less use of plastic materials. No need to recycle with empty cans and bottles.
  • Every time I buy food, bottled and can soft drinks are included in my list. With my Soda Stream I don’t have to carry heavy bottles from the store. The Soda Stream Home Drinks Maker is very easy to use, no need for batteries or electricity, very convenient.
  • It offers variety of flavors to choose from, in fact it has over 60 flavors worldwide. Syrups available are regular, diet, natural, fruity flavors, ice tea, energy drinks, sports drink, tonic and many more.
  • This cute gadget will not occupy large space on my kitchen counter.
  • I can adjust my drinks as I want them (more bubbles, less bubbles, sweeter or lighter or create your own flavor)

How to use the Soda Stream Home Soda Maker?

  • Remove the bottle from the drinks maker
  • Remove the back cover
  • Insert the cylinder into the drinks maker and secure it tightly into the cylinder holder. (No need to use any tools) Replace the back cover.
  • Fill the carbonating bottle with water to the fill line.
    • Press the tilt lever and screw the bottle into the drinks maker.
    • Press the carbonating button in short presses until you hear the buzz (release the button between presses). 3 buzzes will produce a standard FIZZ, additional presses will produce a stronger FIZZ. I prefer stronger fizz so I do 4-5 presses.
    • Press the tilt lever and unscrew the carbonating bottle to remove from the drinks maker.
  • Fizz – Great Sparkling Water
  • Flavor – add your choice of flavor ONLY AFTER carbonating and after you remove the Carbonating bottle from the drinks maker. Then shake gently
  • Enjoy – add ice or fruit.
The Gas Exchange Cylinder (Carbonator) is lightweight and are easily inserted into the drinks maker. It allows 60 to 130 liters of carbonated drinks per carbonator. A full CO2 carbonator is included when you purchase the Soda Stream Soda Maker. When the gas in the carbonator finishes or empties, you’ll just exchange the empty carbonators for a full one and pay the cost of a gas refill (Php 719.75). Spare Cylinder costs Php 1,339.75

Pineapple Grapefruit (Php259.75) and Cola Flavors (Php249.75)
Each bottled syrup can make up to 12 liters or 48 servings. (250 ml per serving)

 Both flavors are delicious and taste really good but I prefer the Pineapple Grapefruit.

  DSC04880 Pineapple Grapefruit Flavor

I’m using Soda Stream almost everyday, this is a healthy alternative to my usual bottled soda. It will also prevent us from many health illnesses like frequent urinary tract infections and diabetes caused by too much intake of soft drinks.

Soda Stream Turns water into fresh soda and sparkling water in seconds, awesome!

The Soda Stream Home Drinks Maker is available at all leading department stores:

  • Stream Starter Kit costs Php 4,779.75 (according to their website)
  • SM Snack Exchange
  • Rustan’s
  • Gourdo’s
  • Automatic Centers
  • Hobbes and Landes

Visit their website: Soda Stream Philippines


  1. hi.. i would like to purchase a soda maker, i already emailed them but there is no reply up to now.. have you tried other syrup? how about buying new carbonator?

  2. Hi Deia! Are you in the Philippines? You can get them at Rustan's, Gourdos, Hobbes and Landes. I haven't tried getting a new carbonator though but you can also get then at the above mentioned stores.


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