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Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa, Chicken and Pork Satay, Kaya toast, Char Kwey Teow, Mee Goreng, Chicken Curry Rice or Noodles, and Roti Pratha are Singapore’s signature dishes which has been brought to the Philippines by many entrepreneurs and restaurateur. For less than a year, I remember visiting three Singaporean restaurants. I can give two thumbs up for Orchard Road’s neat and clean, orderly kitchen and an elegant dining areas.

On Aug 9, I was fortunate to be invited to a Food Tasting Event at Orchard Road, a Singaporean restaurant located at SM Megamall. A restaurant opened in March of last year. Another food haven where you can experience Singapore hawker-inspired dishes at reasonable price.
The event started with a tour around the restaurant. Like another Asian restaurant I visited right after Christmas somewhere in Manila, it has an open kitchen, where you can watch how Chefs prepare your food, wok-tossed or braised. I immediately noticed how clean, organize the kitchen is. I didn't even smell any of the food being cooked. A Singaporean Chef heads the kitchen so you’ll sure to get authentic Singaporean cuisine.

Right after that, we were given a Dining Pass and told to choose two dishes from the featured Singaporean dishes. Since we were five bloggers in one table, we decided to order different dishes and share with each other. There are food that can be shared by two, Hainanese Chicken Rice is good for one though, but all of us were able to taste it.

That night Orchard Road launched the Dining Pass, just in time for the 46th Singapore National Day. Dining Pass is given to customers when they dine without extra charges. Enjoy wide selection of Singapore hawker-inspired dishes included in the Orchard Road’s Dining Pass for the whole month of August until September. To use, just present it and purchase any of the 10 featured dishes and earn one (1) stamp. For every five (5) stamps, the pass holder will receive a P200 gift voucher, redeemable within one year.

I’m a fan of Hainanese Chicken Rice so I took the opportunity to savor Orchard Road’s version of Hainanese Chicken Rice.


Hanainese Chicken –  I started wondering if all hainanese are created equally..when I tasted Orchard Roads’ that’s the time I realized that not all Hainanese chicken rice are the same. Here, it has a brown sauce unlike the one I tried in another Sinaporean restaurant which has a clear white sauce that looks like the soup of tinola. It might be because of the ingredients use and the way they cook chicken. Another difference is the serving size and cost (value for money). Hainanese Chicken Rice price starts at P200 on most restaurants, that’s usually good for one person.

I still remember a Singaporean Chef taught me the proper way of eating Hainanese Chicken Rice. That moment I was waiting for the waiter to teach me and since he didn’t mention anything, I started to ask him instead, but found out he doesn’t know about it. That’s when I realized that It might be because you can eat it anyway you want it.

Just to share how Hainanese chicken rice should be eaten properly - first place a small amount of thick soy sauce on the rice (not over the chicken) then get some meat place it on your rice and add the ginger sauce and chili sauce over the chicken. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it the most as It creates a more balance flavor. Since the waiter didn’t taught me the proper way of eating it I tried it not following the steps and I still enjoyed it! The tender meat, mild sauces and the rice was perfect.  As for the broth, it’s simple and just fair. Overall, I like the Hainanese Chicken Rice, serving size is good for one though, or maybe for two if you share it with another person who eats just like me.


Singapore Fried Chicken (with rice P185/ ala carte P250 good for sharing) - Looks like the usual fried chicken cook at home, but it’s not what I thought to be. It’s crispy, crunchy outside. The meat is tender inside. Served with a sauce and hot rice you’ll definitely love this fried chicken. By the way, it’s not oily that other restaurant serves.

LAKSA (P185) – a coconut based curry soup with noodles, egg, shrimp and chili paste. They served us laksa (mild spicy) but you can tell them how spicy you want it be. This is a must try for people who loves spicy food.


Satay Chicken (P135,4 pcs) / Satay beef (P145,4 pcs) – The peanut sauce gives a perfect flavor to satay. The meat is tender you can easily cut the pork without too much effort. The peanut sauce has a salty-sour taste with a sandy texture.

Mee Goreng (P195) – noodles with sprouted beans, carrots and pork.

Char Kwey Teow (P195) – has flat wide noodles, also with sprouted beans, beef and vegetables with oyster sauce. It has a sweet taste caused by oyster sauce. I always like Char Kwey Teow.


Kailan with oyster sauce (P145)– also known as Chinese Broccoli. I would personally like to thank Mr. Vaca for giving me this vegetable dish which he said best matched for my Hainanese Chicken rice and he is actually right. The oyster sauce and toasted garlic gives sweet flavor to the chinese broccoli. It’s a winner too!

Roti Pratha with Kopi Tarik – I got exited when I saw this on the menu board, it will be the first time to try Roti Pratha. It was also included in the Dining Pass and so I grab the chance to have it that night. It’s a very interesting appetizer, a flour-based pancake that’s chewy and crunchy served with curry sauce which is a little spicy, oily but definitely exciting to the palate. Notice how excited I am, it’s a six pieces Roti Pratha then all of a sudden I remembered that I haven’t taken a photo yet. It’s best enjoyed with a cup of Kopi Tarik, a Malaysian coffee with milk. Kopi Tarik is strong yet I love the aroma, sweetness and creaminess.

Two other beverages - TehTarik (Tea with Milk) and Sago.


Chicken Curry Noodles (P195) another spicy dish for people who love spicy food. Honestly, I cannot tolerate the spiciness which goes directly to the throat. It has round noodles, coconut and a lots of spices creating a delicious curry dish. They also serve Chicken Curry rice.


Kaya Toast (P75) – (not included in the Dining Pass)
The food served to us was awesome. To complete my Singapore Food Trip, I bring home Kaya Toast for midnight snack. Three pieces for only P75.00 which my friend and I shared at home. It’s really delicious with the coconut filling/jam I think, it has sweet filling that’s also best for another round of Kopi Tarik or TeaTarik.

Orchard Road offers meals for only P99 so I take home additional three pieces chicken satay with rice.

After the food tasting event, all of us received a pack of dimsum with deep fried spring rolls, deep fried dumpling, fried chicken and fried siopao.

Just before the event finished, a lady from the food and beverage section showed us how to make a TehTarik and Kopi Tarik by mixing coffee and milk with skills she earned during a week training.

It was another food adventure with a taste of Singapore in the Philippines. No need to spend thousand of peso on airfare and hotel accommodation to savor Singapore hawker-inspired dishes. Orchard Road is located at SM Megamall 2nd level bridge way, an elegant Singapore restaurant that you can experience fine-dining and great service at an affordable  price.

Thanks to blogger Michael and Mr. Sean Stuart for inviting us.  Overall, this food tasting event held at the newly opened Orchard Road is a memorable dining experience and a full stomach after.

Visit their website: Orchard Road
2F Bridgeway SM Megamall
Ortigas, Philippines
Opening Hours: 9Am to 10PM
Phone No:  (63 2) 470-45-46


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