Getting Healthy with Yoh Froz!

Few years ago when I haven’t tried yet Yoh Froz Frozen Yogurt  I used to consume half a gallon of an ice cream in one sitting, knowing it has too much sugar and calories, still I can’t resist.


Last month, I was invited by a fellow blogger to watch Transformer at Shang Cineplex. But before we went to the movie house, we decided to visit a newly opened Yoh Froz located just beside Rustans Supermarket, a franchise owned by Mr. Johanson DyCheng. During our conversation we were able to talked about starting up a business, the pros and cons and what makes Yoh Froz different from other stores. He said that Yoh Froz has kept the promise of providing the best frozen yogurt and high quality ingredients over the years.

It’s my  third time to have Yoh Froz frozen yogurt and during the past visits I never had the chance to get to know more about this delicious dessert, except for a fact that’s it’s healthy yet expensive.  I guess, that’s also the reason why most of us prefer the php25 Sundae available at many fast food chains and convenient stores.

That night, I had Parfait (Php175) which has loads of mango, banana and walnuts. It’s not only delicious but also very filling. I love the sour-sweet creaminess of plain classic froyo. But aside from the delicious treat, frozen Yoh-gurt is a healthy alternative to sweetened desserts like our favorite ice cream.

Here are some of the reasons why YOGURT is GOOD for your HEALTH. First, it aids better digestion and promotes fast recovery by minimizing the ill effects of antibiotics on good bacteria. Yoh Froz yogurt has calcium that makes our bones strong. Probiotics promotes the growth of good bacteria in our colon. It also reduces bad cholesterol and since it has low calorie, low fat it keeps you fit and healthy. A best alternative to other sweets and desserts.  


Next time, I will try the Strawberry Parfait and Belgian Waffles.

Visit YohFroz Rustans Shangri La Supermarket
Shangri La Plaza, Mandaluyong City, Philippines


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