Body Recipe's Skin Lightening Facial Wash

I'm aware that whatever I put into my skin will be absorbed into my bloodstream, that's why I carefully choose skin products. I only choose skin care products than contain pure, natural ingredients, some essential oils that will effectively nourish and revitalize my skin, keeping it smooth and supple. The truth about it is we, ladies find it hard to choose what products to use.


I don’t put too much cream on my face since  I easily got skin irritation by way of getting skin itchiness.  I always want my skin soft, clean, light with no heavy makeup and other beauty products.   On the first sign of skin irritation (itchiness and dryness), I immediately stop using the product and look for a better one that suits my skin.
I’ve been a customer of HBC Home of Beauty Exclusives for years. I started purchasing  hair care products from shampoo and hair conditioner. Then a friendly sales lady offered me their Natural Body Recipe, the Skin Lightening Facial Wash.


Natural Body Recipe Skin Lightening Facial Wash with Goat’s milk washes away dirt and excess oil and helps lighten up and moisturizes skin. It has a mild scent so I believe it has no ingredients that could irritate my skin.

I’ve been using this facial wash for three months now and I have no complaints. With my old brand, I still remember my skin looks dry, at times very oily the worst is I easily get skin irritation. It’s so annoying even after washing my face in just a few minutes, I started to feel the itchiness. Good thing I find this one, aside from being mild and gentle on skin, Body Recipe Skin Lightening Facial Wash is also affordable, for only P50 per  50 grams tube. You can only find Body Recipe Products at all HBC Home of Beauty Exclusives store though.

I also got the Pearl Whitening Cream to try, will post my review after few weeks of using it.


How about you, what facial wash do you use? Visit the HBC Home of Beauty Exclusives for your skin care needs.


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