Zero In Art Exhibit Opens Up!

For 32 years of existence, I can say that I only gave little of my time learning and discovering our country’s arts and cultural heritage.  I got interested with the latter some years ago  before I started blogging. Even though I’ve been to many museums, attended some art exhibits and watched several cultural shows I am still ignorant about arts and culture as I scan every pieces and paintings on display.

I am privileged to witness the grand opening of Zero In: Open Call festival held yesterday, September 15 at the Atrium SM MOA. It was about two months ago the last time I visited a museum and I have this overwhelming feeling every time I  see art collections from handicrafts, paintings, artifacts, rare Philippine imprints among others. Zero In came with a brilliant idea showcasing arts in different forms. Guests and participants were welcomed by Ms. Mercedes Lopez Vargas of Lopez Museum. She also gave a brief overview of each museum.

Museum Representatives talks about the Zero In: Open Call Festival.

Ateneo Art Director and Chief Curator, Mr. Ramon Lerma said during our interview that efforts were made to come up with a more impressive project were each museums shared resources and expertise to come up with the Zero In: Open Call Festival bringing education close to the public in a big venue like the SM MOA. This year, the celebration is a festive one, artistic, presenting arts in all forms. They gave us an overview of what we’re going to expect – sound, contemporary art, edible art food, history and music-dance performance.

This year’s celebration will be in one of the country ’s renowned and largest mall – The SM Mall of Asia (MOA). Featuring live dance and sound performances, a gaming demonstration, a cosplay parade, on the spot painting, culinary treats and the unveiling of the freedom wall. This 10 days exhibition shouldn’t be missed. SM Mall of Asia become a venue and opportunity for art aficionados, curator and collectors to enjoy works of art in different forms.

Witness this amazing works of arts from September 15 to 24, 2011 Manila’s top private museums - Ateneo Art Gallery, Ayala Museum, Lopez Memorial Museum, Museo Pambata and Bahay Tsinoy mount Zero In  with the theme Open Call festival. Open Call is the 10th anniversary offering of Zero In, the annual collaboration of these five museums which aims to expand and deepen the people’s appreciation of art and the country’s rich cultural heritage. This year’s Zero In collaboration aims to bring art closer to the public through a mall exhibit, showcasing art in its different forms.
Ateneo Art Gallery

Launched an interactive food-themed game Tender Blender’s Crafty Critters Munch-Up from Ateneo Museum’s permanent collection. Through consumption of the art critters, the player is aided in his digestion of modern art concepts that form the Ateneo Art Gallery collections.

Crafty Critters

About the game: You and the crafty critters are both equipped to use three kinds of weapons – FORK, SCOOP and BITE. Rule of thumb: Fork beats Scoop, Scoop beats Bite, Bite beats Fork. At the end of the game (if you win) somebody will come out and says “Congratulations, you have a good taste!”

Edible cupcakes presented in artistic form.
Ayala Museum
Presents the world of Manga in Manga Realities: Exploring the art of Japanese Comics today.

Talking about Manga and Japanese comics always reminds me of my favorite TV shows featuring Japanese anime like DORAEMON, a cat-like robot with his fourth-dimensional  pocket on his stomach is so powerful that he can take out any amazing tools.

Manga, cosplay and the likes are very much part of the season.  It’s a way of expressing one’s self and to some, it could be a means of finding their identity.


Lopez Memorial Museum

Performances and sound/media art installation in Reverb exhibition. Reverb exhibition shared via QR Codes  is something new to me. I realized, arts in not just limited with playing of musical instruments, arts has continually evolved and innovate. Reverb takes off from notions having to do with resonance, registration, and audible impressions.

(QRS Codes placed on benches which produces sound waves when touched. Below is a video of Lopez Museum’s Reverb)

E.X.I.S.T or Experimental in Sound Art Tradition is a sound art collective and movement. It is a division of Espasyo Siningdikato dedicated in propagating experimental sonic art. Founded by Lirio Salvador, E.X.I.S.T. uses found objects and environmental sounds, explore analog and digital audio technologies for the creative production and presentation of sound.

Reverb by Lopez Museum
Museo Pambata
I felt such awe watching the dance performance, instantly humbled and ashamed that I haven’t put so much attention on the Philippine’s arts and culture during my younger years.


I constantly took photos, trying to take everything in and not lost a great angle. My heart pounds as the instruments starts to play.
Here’s a video taken with performances from the Escola de Samba de Manila participated by Batang RO (Batang Ramon Obusan) of Museo Pambata.

Here’s a video of Escola De Samba de Manila presented by Museo Pambata

Bahay Tsinoy

Museum of Chinese in the Philippines – for Visual Arts by showcasing an installation by artist Con Cabrera called “Kasama” until October 10, 2011. Another attraction at the Zero In: Open Call festival are the art works display like the T’boli girl Traditional costume.


One of the highlights of this event is the unveiling of the freedom wall. Zero In invited guests, participants, even mall-goers to paint on the wall. While striking a stroke with my brush, there’s an overwhelming feeling that at last I was able to take part in the history. With that, I was able to show my love for the country, our arts and cultural heritage.

(See more photos on LivingMarjorney’s Zero In Album)

When we needed a break from all the busy schedules, we opted to take leisurely ride to the city, when we can go somewhere where’s learning and discoveries are limitless. I strongly recommend you visit our five museums, with their visually appealing and multimedia presentation you will surely feel a world class exhibitions.
(See more photos on LivingMarjorney’s Zero In Album)

Here’s a final video I want to share..
Reflecting on the Zero In: Open Call Festival

I think the Zero In Open Call Festival theme dedicates it to the young generation. With the multimedia presentation such as an artistic way of creating sound using the QR Codes, a different and more appealing food presentation and showcasing manga and Japanese arts.

The Crafty Critter Munch Up food-theme by Ateneo Art Gallery is an enjoyable attraction for kids even adults who are fond of playing online and computer games. This application is created to enhance one’s taste and to defeat fear that most of us find hard to manage. I tried the game and it’s really fun and child-friendly. It has  colorful icons and easy to follow instructions.

I like writing on a freedom wall, the last time I did was February of this year when I attended the EDSA 25th Anniversary. I feel proud of myself every time I share my thoughts or just writing down my name on it.

Finally, the nursery rhyme played on piano moved me and made a little emotional, maybe because it’s one of my favorite songs when I was a kid. I instantly remembered playing it in a toy piano memorizing the numbers instead of the notes. A song like this one always brings the yesteryear.

In reality, we take for granted our museums for many reasons such as the misconception that the latter are for the rich and elite. Second, we often thought that museum’s entrance fees are expensive and heavy on our pockets well in fact the small amount we share goes to its maintenance, preservation and modernization. I just hope that people will realize the importance of uplifting our own arts and culture and contribute in their own little way in preserving and promoting it. The only way we can do it is by frequently visiting our museums and motivate the younger generation to participate in many cultural activities.

Congratulations to Zero In with all their efforts to uplift Philippine Arts and Culture to its finest and modern way. A brilliant idea of featuring arts in different forms – sounds, taste, dance, visual arts and adapting with the present lifestyle.
Museums are not just a collection of things but also a collection of knowledge, of memories and history. It became an eye opening to me, to realize and value our culture and heritage. With that, I also learned that my responsibility is to teach the next generation to appreciate at an early age the Philippine arts, culture and heritage.

Running parallel to the MOA show are individual exhibits in each of the museums respective site. Experience Zero In: Open Call from September 15 to 24, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium and the individual exhibits at the Lopez Memorial Museum in Pasig City, the Ateneo Art Gallery in Quezon City, the Ayala Museum in Makati City, and the Bahay Tsinoy and Museo Pambata, both located in the City of Manila.

I plan to visit the five museums before the year ends  to see what I’ve been missing. 
For more information, visit or call Franny at (02) 631.24.17


  1. another relevant thing to do in a mall like MOA, hope you guys visit this :)

  2. We've been planning on taking the toddlers to different museums. So far, we've only been able to take them to the Philippine Science Centrum. I'll check this post again when we start scheduling our family field trips.

  3. Wow! this is a very interesting blog post Marjorie. I'm glad may classmate pala when it comes to appreciating art and history. :)


  4. We've been visiting different museums around the Metro to entail art appreciation to my daughter. Just like your commenter told, we hope admin will extend it for a while or exhibit it on different venue.

  5. Thanks for the comments! You can also visit the five museums in case you missed the exhibition in Mall of Asia. Let's help promoting and uplifting Philippine Arts and Culture.

  6. Nice post Marj, we should really appreciate and support artistic creations specially made by our local artists. This is so interesting and very informative! ;)


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