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When Milk Tea was introduced in the Philippines I didn’t think that it will be highly appreciated and will be loved by many. Now, with a lot of milk tea stores and restaurants offering their unique version of Milk Teas, you’ll be the judge who offers the best.

In our family, most of us drink coffee instead of tea. Tea bags are usually left in the kitchen cabinet until it reached its expiration date. My friend Grace don’t like Milk teas, she would rather choose Taro from Quickly or other fruit smoothies until I insisted her to try a Milk Tea I bought somewhere in Makati. She like it and now we would go on an afternoon Milk tea session or sometimes go window shopping carrying our Milk Teas with our favorite toppers.

Drinking tea started about six years ago, I did to limit too much coffee intake and to replace the former every after meal. I love tea! hot or cold, plain or with added milk, honey or just a regular sweeter that’s why I’m always on the look out for the latest innovation and interesting flavors. Recently, a fellow blogger handed to me a cup of Milk Tea with a written date and time on top the lid and a flyer inside. When I arrived home, I immediately open the cup.

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The newly opened Bon AppeTEA  offers excellent Milk Teas and interesting tea concoctions. Milk tea craze in the Philippines continues with new and exciting products available in the market and if you’re looking for something new and different, Bon AppeTEA is what you’re looking for.

Barely a month after owner Mr. Tom Pestano started its milk tea express bar in the ground floor of Strata 2000 building in Ortigas, Bon AppeTEA has gained a big market following for its attractive orange stall and interestingly-named beverage concoctions. The price starts from P60 to P80.  The highly-sold different flavors of Bon AppeTEA Milk Teas where mixtures of Jasmine Teas named as Rainforest Passion, Peachsicle, Morocco Nights, Blossom Dreams and Heavenly Blush.

For those who love and wants the stronger flavor of Assam Black tea, you can try the Nirvana, Himalaya, Kathmandu, Ambrosia, Melange, Crème Brulee and Purple Royale.


Let me share to you what I tasted that day.

NIRVANA with Assam Black Teas and Wintermelon. What I like with Nirvana Milk Tea is that there’s a strong flavor of black tea in a right amount of sweetness (Normal 100%). This is one of the best sellers says Mr. Tom. (Like it!)
MOROCCO NIGHTS using Jasmine Green Tea and Peppermint. Don’t expect it to be a regular tea flavor. Morocco Nights has a cool, fresh, light taste and somewhat grassy. It’s an interesting milk tea flavor.
HIMALAYA with Assam Black Tea and Caramel. The two has strong flavors so expect a  smooth, sweet and creamy taste.  This is much sweeter than Nirvana both of them smells good and delicious. 
HEAVENLY BLUSH with Jasmine Green Tea and Lychee. Like Morocco Nights which has Green tea, this one has cool, minty flavor.
AMBROSIA has a sweet aroma and flavor with Assam Black Tea and brown sugar syrup.
CRÈME BRULEE – Assam Black Tea, Almond, Caramel and Vanilla. This is sweet but I can still taste the strong flavor of Assam black tea.


Aside from Milk Teas, Bon AppeTea offers delectable fruity (Fruit Teas) or yogurt flavored (Yogurt Teas) drinks. LEMON YOGURT has a citrus flavor. It taste a little sour and has a very light flavor.
Bon AppeTea will soon be offering VitaliTea and Herbal Teas for figure-conscious and health-buffs. Not only that, if you want something with a kick try the NaughTeas, which are refreshing teas with a kick. Long Island Iced Tea which has vodka pearl; Tequila Sunrise, Orange Creamcicle with Vanilla Vodka, Green Apple Marteani and Earl Grey Goose. I tried the Tequila Sunrise and Long Island Iced Tea and they taste very good. It’s so refreshing and the flavors are unique, it doesn’t taste like the usual iced tea that’s sweet. And yes, there’s a mild kick on it. I felt a little dryness on my throat too.  

However, if you want your teas plain and simple you can go for Simplicitea with choices from Ceylon Black Tea, Assam Black Tea, Earl Grey Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea and Rooibos Res Tea. Price starts at P40 to P60.

Bon AppeTea has a wide range of Milk Tea and other Tea concoction, you can go healthy with Vitality and Herbal Teas; NaughTeas  if wanting some kick; Yogurt Teas will always give you a refreshing treat and has citrus flavor; Milk Teas are the most popular and best seller especially the Nirvana Milk Tea. Just don’t forget to add your favorite toppers with choices from Pearl (sago), Aloe, Nata de Coco, Brown sugar jelly, Mesona and Konjak jelly for only P10 per topper. Like other Milk Tea stores, you can also request your preferred level of Fruit Sugar.
  1. No Sugar – 0%
  2. Slightly Sweet – 20%
  3. Half Sweet – 50%
  4. Fairly Sweet – 70%
  5. Normal – 100%
  6. Very Sweet 120%
Bon AppeTEA is open 24 hours from Monday to Friday and up to 5pm on Saturdays. However, the store is close during Sunday. It also offers free delivery in the Ortigas Center area for a minimum order of P200 through their hotline (02) 407-27-88


Special thanks to Joney Uy and Bon AppeTEA owner, Mr. Tom Pestano for inviting me in an afternoon of Milk Tea.

Bon AppeTEA is expanding and with a bigger store situated at Better Living in Paranaque. This time, with a dine-in setup to accommodate more customers. The second branch will open on September 20, 2011.

Bon AppeTEA Branches:
  • Express Bar Tel No: (02) 407-2788
    G/F Strata 2000 Bldg, F. Ortigas Rd. (former Emerald Avenue) Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600
  • Bon AppeTEA Tel No: (02) 219 – 1975
    01 Dona Soledad Ave, Better Living Subd, Paranaque


  1. This looks interesting. We love milk teas and are always on the look out for new ones.=) Been checking out different blogs about this and found your blog to be most descriptive and informative of what to expect.=)

  2. hhmmm.. a must try.. although I used to have apprehensions about milk being mixed with tea, I guess I love them separately. haha. But then, I surely have to try these flavors. Mukha ngang masarap. :)

  3. ako naka try na ako sa tea monkey, masarap yung tamayaki nila

  4. Really! thanks @disqus_XWgvunbMpx okay we'll try it soon. Hello @kaylafelix


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