Halo-Halo Harana & Grilled Schueblig at the Manila Peninsula


After attending a Food Tasting event somewhere in Pasig, my friends Grace and Alwin decided to go to Manila Peninsula to see what people are queuing every year as Manila Peninsula celebrates their anniversary.

This year’s 35th Anniversary, the Lobby recently offered a special promo price of their iconic Halo-Halo Harana and Grilled Schueblig at P35 each.

I first learned about it from a fellow blogger when he posted about Halo-Halo and Schueblig special promo, here’s the link to the blog post. Who doesn’t want to eat Halo-halo and Schueblig? Is it because of the P35 promo price people waited few minutes to hours just to dine-in at The Lobby of Manila Peninsula? I wanted to know.

I’m really interested to try their Halo-halo Harana. We arrived before 4PM and noticed a large volume of guests starting to queue, we waited about 15 to 25 minutes before we got our turn and allowed to enter The Lobby where we’re told to sit-down while  waiting for vacant table, that was another 5 minutes of waiting. 

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After 30 minutes, we were ushered in a four-seater table. I noticed most tables were occupied. Several guests waited at The Lobby and outside the hotel entrance. The waiter immediate took our order and served us a glass of cold water.

Here’s the famous Halo-Halo Harana and Grilled Schueblig for only P35 each that day September 14, from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Alwin, Grace and I had Halo-Halo Harana each. They also had the Grilled Schueblig.

Halo-halo Harana was topped with ube ice cream, leche flan and some pinipig. Oh my, those are my favorite-Ice cream and Leche flan!


Halo-halo was creamy, with generous ingredients like nata de coco, langka, beans, kaong, banana Saba and milk. It taste really good and was served in huge Halo-halo glass.


Grilled Schueblig, also at P35 (on Sept 14 only) served with freshly cooked French Fries, tomatoes and veggies. The Schueblig was very tasty and tender.

We enjoyed our short trip to Manila Peninsula. After our meryenda, we took some photos around the hotel lobby when I immediately notice a photo booth. Unfortunately,  it will become available by 5pm that afternoon so we just took our photos using our own cameras (that’s how we love souvenir photos!). Suddenly a good-looking guy bumped me while busy browsing on his iPod. When we look at each other we immediately say “Hi'’ and this one happened next..an instant photo with Mr. Tim Yap!

DSC00081I am not really fond of having photos with celebrities but Tim was very friendly and since we were busy for the pictures and my camera was ready to shoot, we grabbed the opportunity. “Thanks Tim!”  It was a happy and memorable day, joining Manila Peninsula’s 35th Anniversary with a huge glass of delicious Halo-halo Harana and juicy Grilled Schueblig plus a souvenir photo with Mr. Tim Yap.

DSC00072 DSC00074DSC00076 DSC00090

Sometimes even the simplest and cheapest food can be delicious and exciting to eat when we share it with our family or close friends. I believe we don’t have to dine-in a fancy restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal or to have a great time with friends. But don’t forget that we also need to enjoy and relax, even if it requires spending extra peso just once in a while.

Enjoy reading!


Marge Red rose


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