Comida China de Manila Review

Few days ago I blogged about Comida China De Manila featuring restaurant’s  interior and promised that I will also write about their food. Here’s the Part II of “A Glimpse at Comida China De Manila”.

“Comida China” literally means Chinese food in Spanish which to our parents and grandparents refer to that distinct style of panciteria fare in Binondo from early 1900’s to 1970’s. Panciteria San Jacinto is one of the favorite Chinese restaurant during that time that changed its name to Comida China de Manila along E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave (C5) in Pasig City. For years Panciteria San Jacinto has been a favorite place especially with Chinese food aficionados.

Now with the new name Comida China De Manila, the restaurant has kept their promise of serving only authentic Chinese dishes with the same taste and quality loved by people throughout the years.

Here's a rundown of my favorite dishes at Comida China De Manila.
An all-time favorite says, Mr. Chino. It has carrots, green peas, egg, pork and fat choi. It has thick consistency I always look in a soup and taste very good. It’s very flavorful and a good way to start your meal.


A deep fried wanton with minced pork or shrimp is called the PINSEC FRITO. A nice appetizer served with sweet and sour sauce, this is perfect while waiting for the main entrée to be served.

Another appetizer to savor is the COLD CUTS PLATTER. With tender and juicy roast barbecue pork and lechon Macau, Chinese sausage that we seldom have in our tables, pata jamon, seaweed and century egg.


I'm not a fan of ampalaya! AMPALAYA CON CARNE is always present in every Chinese menu. Some restaurants uses oyster sauce or hoisin sauce to create a semi-sweet sauce with ampalaya dish. Comida’s own version of ampalaya con carne - with sliced ampalaya that’s crunchy and has the right degree of bitterness cooked with tender sliced beef. An interesting ampalaya (bitter melon) dish for those who hate it just like me.


You’ll never go wrong with FRIED LAPU-LAPU in Sweet and Sour Sauce. It instantly  became another favorite. The dish may not look good in this photo but it’s one of the best and certified best-seller here in Comida China De Manila and I highly recommend it. Don’t forget to add this when you place an order.


Comida China Chow Mein is a popular noodle dish, with freshly cooked canton noodles, Chinese broccoli leaves, black mushroom, pork, shrimp and special sauces. It’s an interestingly different and delicious dish.


Love tofu and fish? Try Bean curd with Fish – cuts of fresh tofu and battered fish fillet with tasty brown sauce sautéed in garlic, tomatoes and yellow beans.


From all the food I've tasted, the FRIED SHRIMP BALLS is my number one favorite. It’s very tasty, crunchy outside with minced shrimp inside. Size is larger than a regular buchi. You can eat it by itself or dip with your choice of sauce.

CAMARON REBOSADO Con Jamon is another classic Binondo dish. Deep fried battered shrimp with ham. It’s totally different with Pinsec Frito and Fried Shrimp Balls in appearance and flavor.

By the way, we were served with two fried rice – Fried Rice with Roasted Barbeque Porand Chinese Sausage that’s flavorful and good to eat by itself. The Yang Chow Fried Rice has roast barbeque pork, shrimp, green peas and onion.


Siopao, with tender and tasty pork inside a soft dough, Comida’s siopao is another favorite says Mr. Chino. 

For dessert, we had Almond Jelly with peaches. A semi-sweet dessert served cold.


Comida China de Manila
Call (02) 671-5942, (02) 914-0832, and (02) 914-0830
Address: Comida China De Manila Located along E. Rodriguez, Jr. Ave (C5) Pasig City


  1. Food just made me hungry...Nice blog :) just dropping by. Hope you visit mine too :)

    Glenn of Gencified


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