Part 1: Comida China De Manila

“Old China Town” - first thing that comes to my mind is Binondo area like Ongpin street. Most Chinese food and delicacies are sold in Binondo.

Part 1: Comida China De Manila

But little did I know that the Old China Town can also be found outside Binondo and Manila area, just a few minutes ride from EDSA going Pasig City. When I learned about it I told myself, I really need to explore Metro Manila before going outside.
The cute hats and miniature houses and flower vases on top are beautiful. I started to think that the owner loves to collect interesting stuff like photos, old and antique collection and I was hoping to see more. The restaurant has Wi-Fi connectivity so I got the chance to check-in on foursquare.


Leading to the function rooms is a lovely corridor with wooden floor well-polished. My attention was caught in this area - with nicely painted walls and cozy earth-colored wallpapers and hanging decors. I just remember the old good times, about some decades ago. 


Sorry, I just love old stuff and can’t help but check out every pieces inside. The room was very clean and well-maintained in its classical style, from furniture, curtains and lightning.  Looking on the tables, I also remember our first family dining set which looks almost the same except for the chairs and our table had glass on top, we lost it after my dad passed away. I instantly felt missing our family dining table, if I can only bring back time.. Thanks to Comida China De Manila, for a moment I remember my dad and our small family.

I met Mr. Benny V. Torres, President of Comida China De Manila Inc and Mr. Chino Esguerra, both were very friendly and approachable. They told us stories about Comida China De Manila.
“Panciteria San Jacinto was one of the famous and favorite destinations for “Comida China” (a delicious pansit served here at Comida China De Manila) since pre-war years (it was first established in 1894) and we have been privileged to keep its legacy going through the years.” – says Mr. Benny
Comida China De Manila formerly known as Panciteria San Jacinto is one of the favorite restaurants of Manilans in the pre and post-war era has survived this day and changed its name to Comida China De Manila. It could be small or big Chinese families, Filipino families on a weekend feasts and special gatherings or just an ordinary individual looking for good Chinese food.

We saw another room next to where we had  our lunch and it’s really an interesting one. We call it the coca-cola room obviously because it’s filled with coca-cola memorabilia.


I just can’t help taking photos inside the room and looked closely on their coca-cola collections. I love the wall cabinet with miniature coca-cola bottles and signature glasses. The Torres family not only maintain the all-time favorite Chinese cuisine but also has collected memorabilia and signature items that visitors and customers enjoyed browsing. 

You think I’m finished with the tour? There’s one more and if you like the coca-cola room, I’m pretty sure you’re now excited to visit this restaurant or reserve a room for your next birthday celebration or thinking about holding Christmas party here.


The management has plans of renovating the restaurant, the new name will also suit the vintage Manila look of their interiors. If you haven’t tried here, I recommend you visit this place and see it for yourself before its renovation. You’ll not only satisfy your taste buds with affordable menu, also you can choose to have desired portion (small, medium and large serving sizes).

For more details about Comida China De Manila
Or call (02) 671-5942, 914-0832 and 914-0830



  1. I love the "anik-anik" of Comida esp. the wooden sofa and the old cabinet with Coca Cola stuff and the sling guns and maps. Thanks for sharing the interior look of Comida, even though I didn't make it to theirs Bloggers Lunch invitation, I got the whole concept of the resto, Thumbs up! :)


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