The New Chicken Aloha Pizza From Angel’s PizzaPastaCombo


DSC03758It was a busy day - attending a couple of blog events, work and studying. But even with a busy schedule, I’m trying my best to give time and attend to the needs of other people. Recently, a close friend needed some professional advise regarding her nephew who’s been sick for few days.


After the Samsung event held at the Fort, I went to QC to meet my friend. On my way I realized that this area was congested with heavy traffic in the past few weeks. As expected, I arrived at the meeting place tired and exhausted. Imagine me wearing a sweatshirt while inside a jeep with more than 15 passengers for more than an hour. I just wanted to scream and get out but taking a cab won’t give a solution.   

Finally, I arrived at my friend’s house and  immediately assessed the baby. He was sleeping quietly, a little drowsy and noticed that he’s started to become unresponsive. His skin color especially on the lips and tongue changed. Few minutes later, I was instructing the mother and my friend what to do. I also felt the pressure and worries, I was trying my best to make it light and let them stay focused and decide as soon as possible. 



We were in the middle of discussion when suddenly a man holding a box stood at the door. Oh, it was a box of pizza from Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo.  I tried their Extra Feast flavor - with loads of pepperoni, ham, beef, chorizo, onion, mushroom, green peppers and mozzarella cheese. I also remember attending their grand opening at Granada Branch, San Juan.


To change the atmosphere and invite them to eat, I opened the box of pizza and started  with my first slice. Initially, nobody wants to eat but  I need to encouraged them to eat. So I started describing how delicious it was, that a slice of pizza will give them the calories and energy they need in case there will be some sort of “emergency” situation and that everything will be just fine when you sit-down and talk over a slice of pizza.


To make it more exciting, I wanted to guess what the flavor by just tasting the ingredients and the toppings. It has barbecue chicken chunks, ham, bacon, pineapple, green pepper, barbecue sauce and mozzarella cheese. At first, I thought it’s the Aloha flavor because of the pineapple, ham and cheese but it’s more than just Aloha with its flavorful barbecue chicken chunks and barbecue sauce.


Enough for guessing game, this pizza is the newest flavor of Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo – the new CHICKEN ALOHA PIZZA!


  • Medium 9’’ – P340
  • Family 12’’ – P470
  • Big Family 14’’ – P599

Conversation and brain storming continued while eating Chicken Aloha and just before we finished the last slice, the family agreed to bring the baby to the nearest hospital. I was there the whole night, it wasn’t easy to bring a patient when you’re not ready (in all aspects – emotionally, physically and financially) it was one of the best lesson we learned. Well, that night was like having a tour from one hospital to another because all were full house.  


At around 1am, I realized I haven’t had my dinner although still full with the two slices of Chicken Aloha I had around 5pm. Remembering what I told the family earlier that this slice of pizza with loads of toppings will save you from few hours of not eating.

Special thanks to Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo and Ms. Annesy for a delightful treat. 

Are you also in a middle of discussion, why don’t you have a break and order a box or two of your favorite Angel’s Pizza. Don’t forget to try the new Chicken Aloha flavor, too! I also recommend their Extra Feast Pizza and Combo Meals.


Order your pizza now and call (02) 922-2222

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