Road Trip To Tagaytay with Derek Ramsay and EastWest Bank

 It was a rainy morning of November 15 when members of the media and Bloggers were gathered at the McDonalds Quezon Avenue and Greenbelt for a road trip to Tagaytay.

EastWest Bank, one of the fastest-growing banks in the country today has launched marketing initiatives and ensured faster, easier processing to encourage more loan applicants. One of these is their FREE GAS PROMO where approved loan applicants get up to P50,000 in free fuel. While its free gas promo will end on November 30, 2011 auto loan clients will still earn raffle points for every P50,000 loan amount for a chance to win in the Bank’s biggest promo, the “DREAM BIG WIN BIG” raffle promo. Grand prizes include a one-bedroom condominium unit with parking space at the Beaufort, two Mercedes-Benz luxury sedans and P1.7 million in cash prizes.


To experience the “See Places” campaign of East West Bank, brand ambassador Derek Ramsay recently took the high road to Tagaytay for a day of rest and recreation with friends from the media. He was relaxed and ready for adventure as we met up in SLEX early Tuesday morning to lead the convoy in his favorite car.

It was a rainy Tuesday and the weather wasn’t fair,  but East West Bank team was prepared so everyone was comfortable during the entire trip. We even got stuck in the traffic along EDSA so they took the C5 road. In less than an hour we were at South Luzon Expressway to meet Derek and the rest of the group.

Our group were not able to meet Derek at SLEX because we’re late but I heard he was with the other group and had breakfast at Pancake House. Derek was also on his 2011 piano black Volvo V60 T5!

at Tagaytay Highlands

A refreshing drink for all of us (Pineapple and Mint) from Tagaytay Highlands. I like its minty flavor with real bits of pineapple. The sweetness is just right.

Pineapple and Mint

It was freezing cold at Tagaytay. After some photo opportunities and our welcome drink, we proceeded to The VERANDA for the lunch and EastWest Bank event hosted by Ms. Patty Laurel.

at Tagaytay Highlandsat Tagaytay Highlands 

A short message from Mr. Antonio Moncupa Jr, President and CEO of EastWest Bank, he also introduced the bank’s brand ambassador. EastWest Bank’s Brand Ambassador Derek Ramsay talks about his passion for sports and cars. The sporty model-veejay-actor drive to as far as Banaue or Donsol to see its famed whale sharks, or down south for some scuba diving in Nasugbu.

“I love travelling and taking road trips. It opens my mind and lets me experience new things. I’m the kind of guy who enjoys the feel of the wheel in my hands. I listen to how the car responds with every turn and bump. Travelling has definitely contributed to the kind of person that I am today,” he said during his get-away in Tagaytay Highlands.

For personifying the bank’s confident, achieving personality, Derek recently graced the launch of EastWest Bank auto loan’s promo where qualified loan applicants get free gas up to P50,000. The promo ends on Nov 30. However, with the bank’s ongoing “Dream Big Win Big” raffle promo, auto loan applicants will still continue to earn raffle points for every P50,000 loan amount for a chance to win huge rewards. The bank-wide “Dream Big Win Big” promo period from October 5, 2011 to March 31, 2012.

“This is why I believe in EastWest bank’s Auto Loan program. it enables the consumer to purchase his dream car and see places, too. Of course whenever you avail of a loan, there are some risks involved. But in life, the greatest people take the greatest risks. You have to take the risks to reap the rewards in the end.” says Derek.
“It’s great to know that now, anyone who wants to buy his first car or replace an existing one can go to EastWest for simpler and faster loan processing. The bank has also partnered with a wide range of car dealers and manufacturers so you can have the car of your choice.

Derek & EastWest Bank Staff

When preparing for road trips, which he said was a good way to promote local tourism, Derek goes through important safety checks. “And the most important is to make a schedule of who’s going to drive. I usually choose the first leg.”

Media guests

Aside from a scrumptious lunch, guests received prizes during the raffle and trivia games. It was a day of recreation with Derek and EastWest bank family.

EastWest Bank Road Trip to Tagaytay Highlands

Thank you EastWest Bank for a relaxing road trip to Tagaytay!

LivingMarjorney with Derek Ramsay
LivingMarjorney and Derek Ramsay

For inquiries, customers may visit any of the Bank’s 120 branches or call the 24-hour Customer Service Hotline 888-1700, log on to


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