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 Who’s not familiar with this direct-selling, multi level marketing company that gives Filipinos a business that not only pays well but also brings out the best in them through its high-quality fashionable products?

Held at Ming’s Restaurant on November 11 (11.11.11)   with more than 40 Bloggers joined the Boardwalk’s Eat.Play.Blog a Bloggers Forum. For 20 years, Boardwalk has clothed millions of Filipinos with the confidence needed to move forward towards a better future. Through the wonderful business opportunities they have provided the country, Boardwalk has certainly helped the Filipinos be at the forefront of success. It started in 1989 as a garment manufacturing company until the owners Mr. Bernardo and Imelda Madera decided to venture into the business of direct-selling and multi-level marketing, and in 1991, Boardwalk Business Ventures Inc. was born.

Boardwalk’s Eat.Play.Blog Bloggers’ Forum

Boardwalk’s Eat.Play.Blog
Have you ever tried think of getting a personal adviser or a personal coach in style? Isn’t it wonderful if there’s always someone who will assist you and help you not only look good but also feel good and confident. The next activity prepared by Boardwalk made me realize the significance of what they call “Personal Shopper.”

A Personal Shopper is your confidant in the world of fashion. They teaches us the latest trend in style and fashion. They choose the best and the latest pieces before we even ask them.

The activity brought out our talents in the field of arts and fashion. Just before the game started, we were group into 6 and were given models to dress up, provided with the materials like clothes, shoes, and accessories we’ll need.

We were the model’s Personal Shopper (just for a day!) We chose the best clothes and pieces for her. It was fun!

Mr. Avel Bacudio, resident-style genius chose two models with the best outfits. A Filipino brand made for the Filipino, Boardwalk has established a solid and firm grasp on the hearts of its customers. Carrying a wide variety of high-quality, affordable, and stylish fashion pieces, the company boasts a numerous collection of products that are truly world-class and every Filipino can be proud of.


The night wasn’t yet over; we enjoyed good Chinese food from Ming’s restaurant. I was surprised when they bring out the clothes and shoes and told us to shop for FREE! Yes, I got a pair of shoes, jeans and top. Thanks Boardwalk!

Boardwalk’s Eat.Play.Blog Bloggers’ Forum
Make the First Step Towards Change. Run For Pasig River!

Boardwalk Business Ventures supports 11.20.2011 A Run For Pasig River. Spearheaded by the ABS-CBN Foundation, this event promotes a safe and clean Pasig River and aims to bring back its former glory. The goal of this public-spirited undertaking is to create awareness about what needs to be done until the river is clean.  With over 150,000 runners who will all converge at the Mall of Asia to run for the river and do their part for change as together, they will attempt to break the event’s own Guinness world record that was set last year for most runners assembles at 116,086.

Come and run, visit this link and register ! Make 11.20.2011 a date you’ll cherish forever as you did your part for the Pasig River. 

Boardwalk Business Ventures, Inc..
Unit 1508-1509 West Tower PSE Center
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Tel. 631-9999



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