NUVALI’s Dirt Weekend 2011

On November 26 and 27 NUVALI held a two-days action-packed, adventure-filled biking event on its Dirt Weekend 2011. Different major mountain bike enthusiasts and competitive cyclists chose from: Cross Country, 24 Hour Race, Four Cross and Mt. Bike Orienteering.

NUVALI Dirt Weekend 2011

In line with their vision of sustainability, NUVALI held the biggest bicycle trail race back on its third year to encourage the public to embrace nature and a healthier and more sustainable way of living through biking. NUVALI’s 1,750 hectare eco-community gets back on track on its Dirt Weekend 2011, the most exciting biking competition south of Metro.

The cross country event proves cyclists endurance in NUVALI’s bike course as the sun sets, rises and sets again. In the four cross competition, cyclists fly, zip and zing their way through jumps and berms as they pedal their way to the finish line. In mountain bike orienteering, cyclist navigated through trails and complete the control points, while choosing their routes wisely.

NUVALI Dirt Weekend 2011
Guests did not only enjoyed watching the race, a concert featuring the country’s best bands joined the celebration, too.

NUVALI is always a perfect venue such an event with its lush green surroundings, wide-open spaces and not to mention fresh air.

A haven and sanctuary for healthy and balance living, NUVALI has always been an advocate of healthy living with their vision of Evolving, encouraging its residents to get on their bikes and cycle their way through fitness.


First time in Nuvali!

Indeed, NUVALI is a best place for sports and outdoor recreation.


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