Beyond Yoga Studio to offer AntiGravity® Yoga


Having made its mark across the Unites States and over 40 countries worldwide, AntiGravity® Yoga, the routine that has revolutionized fitness has finally arrived in the Philippines.

Christopher Harrison|AntiGravity Yoga

AntiGravity Yoga was developed by Christopher Harrison, founder of the acrobatic performance company by the same name, with the mission of merging yoga, athletics and artistry. Today, the technique has gained a tremendous following, having over 6,000 daily practitioners in over 52 locations worldwide.

Recently, Mr. Harrison showed us how AntiGravity Yoga works and explained the benefits of this routine. Watching it, I felt that I can’t do it or I’m not physically fit to do it but according to him “Anyone can do AntiGravity Yoga!”.

Christopher Harrison|AntiGravity Yoga Christopher Harrison|AntiGravity Yoga Christopher Harrison|AntiGravity Yoga Christopher Harrison|AntiGravity Yoga

AntiGravity Yoga utilizes a silk hammock apparatus invented by Mr. Harrison called the AntiGravity Hammock. It is a structural fabric, rated to safely hold over 2000 pounds, connected from two overhead points and acts like a swing or soft trapeze. The performers in Team AntiGravity work in the AntiGravity Hammock from 20 feet off the ground. He lowered it to waist height to make it accessible to all and discovered that by distributing one’s weight between the hammock and the floor, a myriad of unique exercises were possible.

AntiGravity Yoga

Beyond Yoga, the country’s premiere yoga studio is AntiGravity Yoga’s exclusive Philippine partner. Anna Carbonnel, Beyond Yoga’s co-founder and certified Antigravity Yoga instructor says, “AntiGravity Yoga brings the magic and fun to yoga. We are sure that men and women, young or old, will enjoy this new routine.”

Beyond Yoga

It was a short yet worth-attending event. I was thinking of starting attending yoga sessions. With its health benefits it will be very beneficial to me, especially improving posture and well-being.

Special thanks to Ms. Annesy for inviting LivingMarjorney in an afternoon of wellness and meeting the man behind AntiGravity Yoga.

Beyond Yoga is located at the 3rd Floor, II Terrazzo, Tomas Morato corner Scout Madrinian Street, Quezon City. Learn more about Beyond Yoga and AntiGravity Yoga by visiting


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