DCinema Paves the Way for the Digital Revolution in the Philippine Cinema



DCI is the pioneer local Company who installed Hollywood Standard Digital Cinemas in the Philippines. It has 90% of the market share and supports not only Integration of DCinema Hardware System but also offers the conversion of Cinema Ads and Films into Digital Cinema Package (DCP JPEG2000 Format)


DCinema, Asia’s pioneer in digital systems and integration, recently announced the launch of the full conversion of all theaters in the Philippines to digital cinemas.

The Virtual Print Fee (VPF) program, which is finally available in the Philippines, has allowed theater owners to hasten the digitalization process in the country. VPF is financing mechanism for funding the first purchase of digital cinema equipment. This subsidy program, initiated by the six major Hollywood studios is designed to allow theater owners to recoup a portion of equipment costs.


DCinema acts as the deploying entity in the implementation of the VPF Program in the Philippines. Its vision is to have all cinemas in the county running in digital technology by 2013.


During the press conference, speakers explained the benefits of digital cinema. Apart from providing an enhanced viewing experience for moviegoers, the conversion to digital cinemas also benefits the film industry as it offers lower distribution, editing and reproduction costs compared to analog cinemas. Also highlighted and applauded by key players in the movie industry is the fact that the shift to digital cinemas reduces the chances of piracy with tighter copy protection and the time-lock function that only allows a movie to be accessed at a present time. This prevents unauthorized copies from being distributed prior to the world or local premier.

According to Mr. Rey del Poso, President & CEO of DCinema, there are 60,000 digital screens that are now up and running worldwide and about 28,000 of these converted in 2011.

The cost of conversion is at its lowest given the high dean so I encourage all theater owners in the country to take advantage of the global trend and rally towards this digital revolution.” he added.

In the Philippines, SM Cinemas launched the first digital theatre in the country at Cinema 1 of the Block in SM North EDSA. Ayala Digital Cinemas, Robinsons Galleria Digital Cinemas, Star Mall Cinemas and Bohol Quality Cinema have embraced the technology as well. And Dcinema expects more theaters to follow in the coming months.


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