Reverb Sound Art and Chabet Exhibitions at the Lopez Museum


Lopez Museum Entrance


It was my first time at the the Lopez Museum, the oldest privately owned and manages museum and library specializing in Philippine material. My expectations were the same with other museums I had seen in the past though I was hoping to see other art pieces that I cannot found in others and I was not disappointed.


Remember, I blogged about ZERO In: Open Call Festival last September. Yesterday I was at the Lopez Museum. As I enter the lobby of Benpres Building, my attention was caught with a group singing Christmas carols.  

singing Christmas Carols

I love art galleries and museums, I get peace and serenity in a few minutes of staring on every paintings and still amused with newly invented materials.  I would rather be in a museum instead of going to a movie house or spending a day in a theme park. Our short yet meaningful tour at the Lopez Museum gave me interest to hold my paint brush and mix colors again.

Four Directions

Suddenly I felt overwhelmed. I don’t know why but I love Chabet’s Four Directions with strong colors.  

Orange Land, Rocky Landscape, Four Directions and the famous Tabo exhibition  created by the Roberto Chabet, a pioneering Filipino Conceptual artist.

For many, Chabet is considered the father of Philippine Conceptual Arts. He graduated with the degree in Architecture from the University of Sto. Tomas and held his first solo exhibition in 1961 at the Luz Gallery.

The Chabet Exhibition

Orange Land 1961/Oil on board

Orange Land, the name speaks for itself. My interpretation is “a big foot supported with small ones.” but I also see it as as a beautiful city viewed from above. 

Chabet’s featureless paintings and installations, definitely abstract gave me a chance to reflect on my present life.

Orange Land

Four Directions - These art pieces were exhibited in Gallery Megamall in 1990’s.

Amber for generosity, green for karmic post, white for Buddha and red for the heart” – The Allen Ginsberg On the Creation of Chogyam Trungpa

FourDirections by Roberto ChabetYellow and White Harmonica in an abstract painting? Honestly, until now I am thinking why the artist added harmonica in the painting, I can’t give my interpretation yet I find it beautiful, the colors are strong even the hand stroke. I think the art work symbolizes design and balance because of the harmonica.

Rocky Landscape by Roberto Chabet using watercolor on chipboard.

Rocky Landscape

“Tabo”, Chabet’s first and only video installation to date, draws inspiration from Jose Rizal’s first chapter of El Filibusterismo who’s also celebrating his 150th birth anniversary this year.

Roberto Chabet’s TaboRoberto Chabet’s Tabo

I realized arts were not only formed using the traditional pencil and paper, canvas and paint, even things we can’t imagine to be material can turn into a magnificent work of art and can even produce sounds and movement. Here’s a short video of the “Tabo” exhibition.

With the “Tabo” exhibition, for a moment I felt like I was in Rizal’s time as I listen to the sounds coming from the television. Each television shows different movement of the Pasig River yet there is rhythm in design. There is peace in the sound wave.

Roberto Chabet’s TaboDSC08624

This is one of my favorite conceptual art at the Lopez Museum. The video was shoot from the 12 bridges of Pasig River with photographs taken from different space.

Chabet used 12 television sets and 12 dvd players; the 12 TV sets actually represents 12 bridges along Pasig River.

A question I wanted to know? Why Chabet chose to include the first chapter of the El Filibusterismo and why he wanted it to be delivered in Spanish language.

Pablo-Biglaang Awa

Decoy Loop, 2011 


The use of a projector and a DVD player. Running time 15 seconds.

It moves like a butterfly, opening it’s wings and closes in order to fly. The Decoy Loop for me symbolizes good luck, prosperity that we need to catch – it opens to catch it and closes to absorb the energy. 



Pablo Biglang-Awa D-i-Y Chabet Installation Projects:

a. Sitting, Standing, Lying and Walking

Sitting, Standing, Lying and WalkingSitting, Standing, Lying and Walking

b. Boat

D-I-Y Chabet Installation BOAT by Palo Biglang-Awa

c. Pier and Ocean


The Chabet Installation Project could be complicated! It’s hard to interpret but remember that defining art work is always personal.

Kawayan de Guia’s Evol Scisum, 2010

From art to another work of art, Kawayan De Guia used broken records, wood, record covers, asphalt speakers and a DVD player.

Items that are usually kept and are not use can turned into something extraordinary and exceptional piece of art.

Evol Scisum 2010 by Kawayan de Guia (2)Evol Scisum 2010 by Kawayan de Guia

Maria Christine Muyco Culture in Sibod

Sounding-In Panay Bukidnon’s Tradition and Transitions, 2011

Litgit, Suganggang, Tikumbu, Anarupot

SuganggangTikumbuAnarupot -plastic container, metal pot lid, metal rod

Diokno Pasilan

Galingan-Mu, 2011 – using wood, fishing gear, paint brush, guitar strings, coconut shell with amplifier Artist’s collection.

Galingan-Mu 2011 by Diokno Pasilan

Francis Cabrera

Blaisdell Station, undated

Blaisdell Station Francis Cabrera

Eric Ambata

La Barca de Aqueronte 2, 2011 Glass Panel with QR Code

La Barca de Aqueronte 2,

The Lopez Museum and Library

The museum has collections of Rizal’s letters and Hidalgo’s art works.

The Lopez Museum and LibraryThe Lopez Museum and LibraryThe Lopez Museum and LibraryThe Lopez Museum and LibraryThe Lopez Museum and LibraryThe Lopez Museum and LibraryThe Lopez Museum and Library: Rizal's LettersThe Lopez Museum and Library

Juan Luna

Espana Y Filipinas, 1886

Juan Luna's Espana y Filipinas 1886Juan Luna|Greek Goddess, undated DSC08499DSC08496

Eric Ambata

La Barca de Aqueronte 2, 2011 – glass panel with QR Code

La Barca de Aqueronte 2DSC08466

Transfigure by the River Styx, 2011 Mixed Media Sculpture

Alfonso Ossorio

Wrong Keys for the Peacock, 1961

Wrong Keys for the Peacock

IC Jaucian

The Machine (Model for Perpetual Energy), 2011

Pinball Pinoy Style 2011 by Ivan Reyes with Orvin Sayos

Model for Perpetual Energy 2011 Mixed Media

Eric Diolola (Nyabinghi) and Martin Bautista (MartinOnly)

Guitar Lego, 2011

Guitar Lego



I though it was an ordinary Lego blocks until we were told to play it, yes it’s a playable electric guitar! It produces sounds as you build blocks and it’s not the same sounds/tone. Different shapes produces different sounds, awesome!

Guitar Legoheadphones

Pinball Pinoy Style 2011Sythlophone 2011

Lirio Salvador (Elemento)

Sandata ni Lirio 4, 2010 Sound Assemblage

Another large art piece found at the Gallery 6 of Lopez Museum. It was stunningly beautiful and unique. Made of spoons and bicycle parts with strings that you can tick as it produces sounds.

Lirio Salvador (Elemento) Lirio Salvador (Elemento)DSC08587

Tad Ermitano

Bell, 2011 Sound Installation

Inside feel and listen to sounds produced by the Bell

Bell, 2011 Sound Installation

John Romero (Aurora Borealis) with Claro Ramirez EXIT E.X.I.S.T

Photos at the Lopez Museum Reverb EXIT E.X.I.S.T

Reverb EXIT E.X.I.S.TReverb EXIT E.X.I.S.T

Junji Ayson Timeline 2011

Using barbed wire and canvas.

Junji Ayson Timeline 2011Junji Ayson Timeline 2011

Cockroach sound

Junji Ayson Timeline 2011

Though there were new sounds that was discovered, I’m still on the look out with those that we hear from the traditional and ethnic musical instruments. Where are those instruments now? Are they gone for good? 

With forms, sizes and shapes anyone can give its meanings and explanation and not confined to one specific idea, that’s the magic of arts!

And what about colors? Just like Chabet who uses strong colors like red, green, orange, sometimes I find myself using the same color or most often stick to usual black and white. Colors are very significant, it’s a perfect representation of emotions and personality. How about you, what color best describes your feelings right now?

I was fortunate to see those priceless pieces, happy that I got the opportunity to give my own interpretation. At the same time, I’m worried that today’s youth may not appreciate it. The modernization and innovations brought about by today’s technology gives a lot of opportunity to present art forms in a more special way. Thanks to computer and internet, impossible were made possible, those that we usually see on our naked eyes are now interpreted beyond that just like Chabet D-I-Y  Installation Projects.

More efforts should be given by the school, the community, the government to bring these exhibitions even to the poorest of the poor. On the other hand, parents should expose their children in our museums and art galleries even those small exhibits that can be found in the malls and schools. As an individual, it is our obligation to share these news, talk about it or even blog about it.

This experience brought me to the past, gives something to be hopeful in the future and a better understanding of the present social, economic and even personal life-situation.

Thanks to Lopez Museum for sharing Chabet Exhibition, Reverb sound exhibition and for continuously uplifting the Philippine artistry. 


Zero In Reverb Exhibition runs from September 12, 2011 to April 3, 2012

Tabo is co-presented by the Lopez Memorial Museum and King Kong Art Projects Unlimited as part of the Chabet: 50 Years series of exhibitions that will run from November 10, 2011 until April 14, 2012.

Visit the Lopez Museum at the ground floor, Benpres Building, Exchange Road corner Meralco Avenue, Pasig City. Museum days and hours are Mondays-Saturdays, 8am-5pm, except holidays. For more information call 6312417/6359545.

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  1. Oh! I just discovered the museum through your blog and I just can't wait till I see myself inside and experience myself the tour. I'll take note of the date and schedule. Thank you for sharing more information in your post!


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