Don’t just stand there, Speak Up!


When was the last time you speak up? You speak up for what is right? Did you grew up in a family where you’re not allowed to speak up and defend yourself? At school, did you get the chance to speak up for the times you got misunderstood? At work, did you speak up against unfair treatments, against bullying and gossip? If not, when do you plan to stand and speak up?  

This year, I became active on blogging and social networking and noticed how powerful every information shared. Facebook and Twitter has become my major sources of information and the easiest way to convey a message, to spread the news. Indeed, social media has becoming helpful especially in times of disaster, relief operation and the likes.

SPEAK UP in 2012!

Nowadays, to speak up comes in different ways - there’s the use of social networking sites, print and online-the blogs. High tech gadgets can be use to send an SMS, video or photo to report an incident, and even a problem to local news channel like the You Scoopers and Bayan Mo Patrollers. With that, an ordinary citizen can be heard and express their thoughts wherever they are .

2011 has brought a lot of problems and misunderstanding due to unverified information, celebrities and government officials being targets of criticism. Adding to that, others find it entertaining talking over other people’s life and gossip. This year, we watched  video sex scandals, some of us were not contented they even shared it resulting to invasion of privacy, mental and emotional disturbances to the person concerned.

The Government Recently, we heard the news about Rep Gloria Arroyo leaving for Singapore but I commend the government for acting up immediately on it.

Everyday there are new and old stories.. (seen on Twitter dated Dec 30, 2011)

on Twitter from GMA News dated Dec 30

Economic and political issues are unending and we need not become citizens of the Philippines who do not care! We can’t leave the issues to the government officials, we need to be watchful and do our part. From now on, I will resist the “bahala na” attitude, for it is my right and obligation to be vigilant on every decisions they make. We can report graft and corruption in our community and barangays. Let’s be resilient and not procrastinators.

I can’t resist not showing my support to a non-government organizations like “Kaya Natin” that promotes good governance, ethical leadership and support ethical leaders in the government. Recently, they launch a book entitle “The Kaya Natin Champions: Inspiring Stories of Leadership

I cannot resist to speak up issues on Poverty because I believe it’s the biggest problem of the country. Though there are a lot of campaigns and efforts done to solve this, we should speak up and reiterate that this is the leading problem  in our country. KC Concepcion was right when she said that “as much as you want to save the Pasig River, as much as you want to fight breast cancer but you can’t do that if you’re hungry. Talk about what you do to get people interested..”



The Red Whistlephoto from the Red Whistle Website

Don’t resist to Speak Up if you’re positive with HIV AIDS, because there are people who care!

We encourage you to participate in the campaign and teach the community, participate in disseminating information about the sexually transmitted disease. I call on all HIV or AIDS victims to speak up, express their feelings against the discrimination.

Project Headshot

The Red Whistle campaign aims to empower people and inspire others to come together and fight against HIV and AIDS. My photo shows my support for the Red Whistle campaign and was taken by Project Headshot Clinic during the Bloggers’ Night held at Victoria Court Malate Manila.

Cyberbullying and False Information If we just know how to properly express ourselves, incidents both online and in physical space could have been avoided just like the cyber bullying experienced by Chris Lao

We must be aware of what we share online, stop sharing false information and video scandals. Think before you click!

Because I love Mother Nature!

I remember in one of my travel adventures, I saw a group of people doing dynamite fishing. I was trying to take photos of them but a friend prevented me and even erased the photos I had. I understand why he felt that way, we’re in a secluded area, and we might be in a dangerous situation so he wanted me to keep quiet as if I didn’t see anything. Ashamed of myself, of not speaking up, of not reporting what I saw and not blogging about it! I regret letting him erase the photos on my camera. So I promised myself it will not happen again, nobody will dictate me or prevent me to do what I think is right. 

We can do something! 2012 is the year we need to speak up and be heard. In a couple of days we will be making our New Year’s resolution. As for me, this year, I will SPEAK UP for what I think is right. If given the chance I would like to speak up for others who can’t, who are abused and maltreated. Speak up for the environment and will speak up without others to influence me.

Start the year right! Report incidents like this..

for New Year 2012a stray bullet inside my house! a stray bullet inside my house!

Let’s welcome the new year with positive attitude and being part of significant issues. Resist cyber bullying, copyright infringement and plagiarism. I will resist being silent and not speaking up for what I believe. This coming year, I would like to speak up for the environment, protecting it in my own little ways.

How about you, was there an instance that you hold your silence? Why do you think we need to speak up in 2012? I would be glad to hear your story and reactions, just hit the comment section below and leave your message.  

Even the blind, the mute, and the deaf speak up, so why won’t you!


  1. Nice post!It's really high time to speak up our mind, be heard, express yourself. We just need to say it with courtesy and respect.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Its very impressive to see bloggers writing for our rights while disseminating informations that will uphold human capabilities. We are indeed need to speak up for the truth, justice, environment and peace on 2012 because we are all responsible on the accounts lose in our country. As an old sayings, If it is to be, it is up to me.

  3. You'rTrue! It is time for us to speak up.

    With technology on our favor (esp. online publishers), we can contribute in our own little sphere. Collectively, we can make a powerful voice for an advocacy we like to speak up. All of us have stronger voice now. ;-)

    Like the ones on my site that I plan to do to help in 2012


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