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I started shopping online about three years ago, the same year I created my own Multiply Site – the site  where I posted my photos taken during my provincial trips, adding my favorite music and interesting links. Although I do sell items most often on Facebook rather than on Multiply, I find it very hard to offer the product because I have a small market which are usually my friends and relative so few months later, I stopped selling.

header-logo-darkMultiply is the largest shopping online in Southeast Asia. Just few months ago, they launched a new and improved site called the Multiply Marketplace which features the latest products and shopping finds, the best sellers and a lot more.


Every time I log on to my Multiply account, I spent most of my time browsing on their new products and place it in my shopping cart and usually forget about updating my my albums. After more clicks, there I found myself buying more than three items per transaction.

Shop at the Marketplace!

Multiply is now better with more stores to choose from, more Filipino merchants selling high-quality products.

Shop at the Marketplace!

Christmas is fast approaching so let’s start buying shoes, clothes and accessories for those Christmas parties and friend/family reunions.

Shopping online is more fun, easier and secure. Have you tried it? If not, here’s what you can do.  First, register to Multiply and create your account which you will use on every transaction like buying stuff you want from the its 16 categories including fashion, accessories, gadgets, and mom/baby products.

Then, click the second tab, the Marketplace located just below the Multiply logo or you can key-in your favorite Multiply shops just like Chick Flick.

Shop at the Marketplace!Shop at the Marketplace!Shop at the Marketplace!

Recently, I needed a pair shoes for a new dress I bought and since I really don’t have time to go out, I decided to buy them online.

I just included this cute tote bag on my cart, price is P390 and a shoes worth P990. With Multiply’s Buyer Protection purchases facilitated by Multiply are a hassle-free experience. Before I forgot, there’s a minimal shipping fee!

Shoppers can choose how to pay the items they purchased. There’s BDO, BPI, GCash and Paypal. Sometimes I pay through BDO with a lot of branches, it’s easy and convenient way of completing the transaction. BPI is also another bank of choice and I’m also planning to use Paypal on my next purchases.

Shop at the Marketplace!Shop at the Marketplace!

After payment, your product is now ready to be delivered at your doorstep. Multiply will also send you an email regarding your completed transaction just like this one.

Shop at the Marketplace!Shop at the Marketplace

I just love shopping online in the Marketplace! With four easy step, CART- CHECKOUT-PAYMENT-SHIPPING, it’s totally hassle free.

How about you, have you visited the Marketplace? Share your experience just hit the comment section.


  1. i love online shopping. And Multiply Marketplace is getting better. =)


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