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I’m fond of creating a “wish list” and find it very effective. With that, I’m making a promise to myself to work hard, earn and buy the things I wanted. December of 2009 I included in my list the LCD TV I’ve been wanting, although I’m not after for any brand still fortunate to have one of the best brands when it comes to LCD TV. More lucky, when I finally have it at home on February. On December 2010, I included a brand new laptop and/or netbook on my wish list since my five year old laptop became slower, at times unresponsive so I badly needed a new one. Now, I’m enjoying the benefits of a brand new netbook. Blogging is more fun and easy!

This December, I’m including a gadget that has never been mine in my entire life. Yes, I haven’t had an Apple product and how I wish to have one. So when I learned that Globe will be launching the iPhone 4S in the recently Globe Spike Event I attended, I got excited.

Welcome iPhone 4S!  

Welcome iPhone 4S

I’m just about to have a list of the things I wanted to have this Christmas and the coming year when I received an email from Globe Telecom. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way connected to the company except that I am a postpaid subscriber on both mobile and broadband services. Going back, I mentioned that I received an email from Globe. For me, I find it usual receiving updates from them but I don’t know why I suddenly got excited reading the email.

 Video taken from Apple’s Channel

So what’s the email about? The release of iPhone 4S in the market and Globe is happy to announce that they will be offering it to prepaid and postpaid subscribers starting December 16, 2011.  

Welcome iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 4S is being offered by Smart and Globe. Yes, not just Globe, Smart will also offer iPhone 4S, but for more than 3 years Globe has been the official carrier of iPhone. Globe announced the coming of iPhone 4S on December 16, 2011 so my dear readers, get ready for this!



As I said, haven’t had an iPhone but reading the specs and searching the web I learned that the iPhone 4s will be the most amazing phone. It has Dual Core A5 Chip so we get twice as much power and battery-efficiency. With that, we can experience ultra-fast launching on apps, gaming and most especially web browsing while using other apps at the same time.They said it’s 7times faster than the iPhone 4.


siri-imgAs a blogger, I love to take photos and a good camera is one important gadget for me. The new iPhone 4s comes with 8 Megapixel resolutions and a custom lens with a larger f/2.4 aperture, plus other advanced imaging capabilities. It also allows HD video captures (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio. With the SIRI feature, it’s like having your own assistant and does what you ask like sending emails and text messages and most importantly schedule tasks.

Honestly, I  didn’t even think of including it in my Christmas list in the past years. Why? Because I thought the phone I’m using is enough for my needs and lifestyle. In addition to that, I am also trying to set priorities and choose the best when it comes to buying a gadget. But learning about the iPhone 4S, I think it would be a great gift for myself in 2012! I need a phone that’s - stylishsuper-fast, sexy and highly sophisticated and powerful.

It will be a very Merry Christmas if I’ll have an iPhone 4s! However, I know that no one will give me this baby as a Christmas gift, but there’s another option! =)


As a Globe subscriber for five years, it would be better to get it an iPhone 4S from Globe. I’ll check with my network provider if I can renew my contract or apply for a new one since they offer it with postpaid plans. By the way, Globe offers the iPhone 4S with a prepaid and postpaid plan.

If you’re excited just like me, get ready to experience the iPhone 4S with Globe’s Mobile Internet services.


You can start “registering your interest” for the iPhone 4S at the Globe’s website. The iPhone 4S is available in black or white model and at 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacity.


  1. This is also on my wish list. The announcement of its availability got me excited because I really want one. It's the last Apple product with Steve Jobs' seal of approval. Let me share the link to my blog:

  2. I also like to have an iPhone4S! This is indeed a nice gift for Christmas. I heard Globe is offering it at an affordable post paid plan.


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