EastWest Bank Looks Back on a Great Year and Looks Forward to a Greater One



From Eastwestbank FB Page

Seventeen years since it first opened its doors to the public, EastWest Bank is now one of the country’s fastest growing and most profitable banking institutions. The year 2011 was marked with performance milestones that have set the stage for a bigger and bolder 2012 for one of the country’s top performing banks.

From 2006 to 2011, EastWest Bank has displayed exceptional growth. In 2006, the bank registered total assets of P30 Billion. As of last year, the bank has over P90 billion total registered assets which is a compounded annual growth rate of around 29 percent since 2006.

Last year, the bank made great strides in core businesses which is exhibited healthy growth. Unaudited figures as of December 2011 show the bank deposits grew by 16.9% year-on-year while corporate loans moved up 11.2% on the same period. The bank also saw a 24.9% year-on-year increase in consumer loans as of the last quarter of 2011.

Mr. Moncupa of EASTWEST Bank

To date EastWest Bank is ranked 17th largest among 38 commercial banks in the Philippines in terms of total assets. To celebrate all this great achievement, EastWest Bank throw a Post Chinese New Year celebration held at the Le Salon Room Hyatt Hotel in Manila.

We were served with a scrumptious Chinese food which symbolizes good luck and fortune. Mr. Moncupa, President & CEO of EastWest Bank said it is their way of giving back and saying thank you to all who supported EastWest Bank especially the biggest bankwide promo – the Dream Big Win Big raffle which is ongoing until March of this year.

Chinese New Year at Hyatt HotelChinese New Year at Hyatt HotelChinese New Year at Hyatt Hotel

The bank has given away several brand new laptops, smartphones, and tablets and it is set to give away a single-bedroom condominium unit at The Beaufort, two (2) Mercedes Benz cars and up to P1.7 million in cash prizes to lucky clients in the grand draw.

dip and sauceBarbeque combination platterWok-fried shrimps & chicken fillet, asparagus, black bean sauceDSC09897Deep Fried Assorted Seafood Rolls mayonnaiseBraised slice japanese and abalone mushroom, oyster sauce Pan Fried Spare Ribs Champagne SauceDSC09917Braised e-fu noodles, assorted meat quail eggs Red Bean

To complete the festivity, the company invited Rev. Fr. Wongsengtian, a Taoist Grand Minister and gave his grand prediction for the year of the Water Dragon.

Rev. Fr. Wongsengtian

Here’s what Rev. Fr. Wongsengtian said during the celebration, The following birth signs should be cautious in the coming year. To avoid misfortune pray for peace and good luck – DOG, DRAGON, MONKEY, RAT, SHEEP, TIGER, HORSE and PIG.

My birth sign is Horse, and here’s the prediction.

 “Unstable income trend, you need to make careful considerations before going into new venture or risky investments. Be careful when travelling. Avoid visiting funerals. Display a set of Sheng Lian lucky charm on the East section of bedroom and pray for Patron Saint – God of Dignity for guidance and good fortune. Be cautious on the 5th, 7th and 11th.” 

He also gave advice on love and family matter. For the Horse, the best time to tie the knot is by the month of October.

Rev. Fr. Wongsengtian also gave his 2012 prediction for EastWest Bank..  

EastWest Bank looks back on a great year and looks forward to a greater one.

(L) Mr. Jonathan Gotianun, President (R) Mr. Antonio Moncupa, Jr. President & CEO

With TheDailyPosh - Photo fr EastWest Bank FB Pagewith fellow Bloggers, photo from TheDailyPoshwith fellow Bloggers Aylin & Jing. Photo from TheDailyPosh

Thank you very much EastWest Bank for sharing the celebration, thank you for inviting us over!


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