Philam Life Welcomes Year of the Water Dragon!

Chinese New Yr Celebration at Philam Life Photo courtesy of

It was not my first time to celebrate Chinese New Year but this is definitely the most memorable one!
Philam Life's Chinese New Year Celebration

I came from a big family, my late grandmother loves anything about Chinese – food, clothes, home decors, make-up and accessories. She was able to visit Beijing and saw the Great Walls and spent a long vacation in China with her sisters. She told me, it was one of the most exciting and memorable part of her life. Every year, my great grandmother celebrates her birthday in a Chinese restaurant.

Philam Life's Chinese New Year Celebration

With this exposure I easily appreciate the Chinese culture.  At home I have few Chinese decors and charms, too. I love hopia, pancit and tikoy. I see to it I have stock of tea inside my kitchen cabinet. Like them I’m fond of using sauces to my dishes. 

Philam Life's Chinese New Year Celebration

This year, I was invited to celebrate Chinese New Year with Philam Life. Although I have prior and personal commitment, I chose to attend the festivity because they say it will bring you good luck if you encounter and experience a grand Chinese New Year celebration.

Philam Life's new corporate logo and office signagePhilam Life's new corporate logo and office signage

Philam Life traditionally celebrates Chinese New Year as a gesture of solidarity and respect to one of the Filipino-Chinese community’s most important traditions.

Philam Life celebrated Chinese New Year

The event is also an acknowledgement of Philam Life’s Chinese heritage as AIA, its mother company, traces its roots back to China, more than 90 years ago when its first office opened in Shanghai in 1919.
the biggest dragons – 350 feet long with a 3-foot diameter

Dragon dance and fireworks display are what I usually see in every Chinese New Year so that day I’m lucky to witness 500 wishes written and tied to 500 red balloons which were released to the sky by Philam Life to welcome the Year of the Water Dragon.

500 wishes tied on 500 red balloons500 wishes tied on 500 red balloons

The release of balloons symbolizes how Philam Life employees, agents and partners are committed to being an instrument in empowering the Filipino to achieve their “sanas”, dreams and aspirations. The wishes, dreams or “sana” stories were submitted through the company’s microsite

my wish tied on my red balloonsubmitted wish from the company's micrositePhilam Life Chinese New Yr Celebration

This year is among Philam Life’s grandest celebrations as it unveiled one of the biggest dragons – 350 feet long with a 3-foot diameter – that welcomed the Year of the Water Dragon in the country.

eye-dotting ceremony

The giant dragon led guests to a parade from the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch at the foot of Jones Bridge to the main roads of Binondo.

eye-dotting ceremony

It was also my first time to witness an “eye-dottingceremony for the dragon and lion dance heads that symbolizes the animal’s “awakening” or “coming alive” before being used for performances to bring good luck and prosperity to all that it encounters.

After almost two hours of lively and grand celebration, we enjoyed a delicious Chinese cuisine at The Royale restaurant.

Philam Life Welcome Year of the Water Dragon

dinner at The Royale Restaurant with Kumagcow, RodMagaru, Tatak Digitista, OrangeMagazineTV, Manila Republic & mommywritesphoto from 

Thanks to Philam Life for sharing the Chinese New Year Celebration! I just want to tell you that one of my wishes “sana” written and tied on the red balloon was granted few days after the celebration. It was a wish come true, instantly and I know three other aspirations will soon come true!

The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company (Philam Life) is the largest life insurance company in the Philippines and the market leader for over 60 years. Philam Life offers an extensive line of products in the industry that provides solutions to various financial needs including life protection, health insurance, savings, education, retirement, investment, group and credit life insurance.


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