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“So what are you going to eat?” my friends would regularly ask every time we go out to catch up on each other.  



I admit I am a little choosy when it comes to food. Maybe one reason is that I know how to cook so I want the taste a little different and special when eating out or else I would tell my friends to come at my place and I’ll cook something for them.

I seldom order pasta dishes unless it looks interesting.  And because most fast food and restaurants offer the usual pasta-chicken combo and/or pasta-pork meals, it took me almost an hour to decide what to eat.

SumoSam Gilmore

Good thing Japanese restaurants offer variety of dishes. Gyoza, salmon teppan, yakiniku and tempura  are some of my favorite Japanese food.

SumoSam Gilmore/Greenhills

On January 21, I was invited to a week-end eating in a newly opened SumoSam Gilmore branch. It was a new and blessed Saturday morning for me. It’s new because I just started a new life and blessed because a prayer was granted. Oh well, I wouldn’t want to elaborate why it’s new.

SumoSam Gilmore/Greenhills

Similar to all its branches, SumoSam Gilmore carries a vast selection of premium  favourites – from salads to a variety of rolls, sushi, tempura, tonkatsu, gyudon, ramen, teppan, donburi, and perfectly grilled seafood and steaks. The branch remains consistent to SumoSam’s concept of providing high quality Japanese in generous American portioning and presentation.

SumoSam Gilmore/GreenhillsSumoSam Gilmore/GreenhillsSumoSam Gilmore/GreenhillsSumoSam Gilmore/Greenhills

The store is indeed appealing, with wooden planks and textured paints. The warm lighting and comfortable couches deliver a cheerful and casual ambiance. The operation spills outside to a mini-veranda where guests can sip a hot cup of tea or sake after meals.

SumoSam Samurai's Choice

That day, I had Samurai’s Choice which consist of generous serving of Japanese rice, chicken teriyaki, salmon and tuna sashimi, beef misono strips, dory tepan, kani stick, bean sprout, yasai itame, dilis and gohan.

SumoSam Samurai's Choice

I like my Samurai’s Choice bento (P488)! I wasn’t disappointed with the taste especially the serving size.  

salmon and tuna sashimibeef misono stripsdory tepanbean sprout

My favorite is the Chicken Teriyaki. It’s flavorful, tender and delicious. I was hoping they included one-two pieces of my favorite tempura on Samurai’s Choice meal.

flavorful Chicken teriyaki

LivingMarjorney at SumoSam

It was a great food adventure at SumoSam, I think I just found another place where I can enjoy good Japanese dishes in large serving and presentation. So, the next time someone ask me where to eat, I would highly recommend SumoSam Gilmore branch.

Try the new SumoSam Samurai’s Choice and other bento meals available from 11am to 2pm daily and only SumoSam Greenhills Town Center branch.



SumoSam Gilmore

Granada Street, Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City

Other SumoSam Bento Meals available are..

katsudon bentotsukiji tonkatsu and salmon bentotempura bento



Special thanks to Ms. Annesy and SumoSam Gilmore for inviting us.


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