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POPCORN – snack we love to munch while watching a movie, doing home work, blogging or just anytime of the day, isn’t it?

Holy Kettle Corn

I remember we used to buy the ones available in the supermarket, cook it at home make it more flavorful by adding cheese and/or barbeque powder then served it while doing home work or playing Family Computer. Having said that, popcorn has never been my favorite snack.

Holy Kettle CornHoly Kettle Corn! SM Megamall

There are various popcorn stores in the market but there’s one brand I often notice probably because they have numerous stalls and kiosks. In yellow and blue cart anyone can easily identify it from a far.

Holy Kettle Corn

Neatly packed in a brown bag Holy Kettle Corn is one of the popcorn brands movie-goers loved to munch. A healthy snack for only P40 per bag!

How do you eat popcorn? Slowly, fast or just normal? I believe it depends with the kind of movie you’re watching.

Are you having it piece by piece while enjoy a romantic film? In love

Or munching very fast  that you almost finished a bag in less than 30 minutes because you’re watching an action-packed movie? Punk

Or maybe you’re a kind who accidentally throws it on the ground as you watch horror and suspense drama movies?  Nyah-Nyah

Holy Kettle Corn

Inexpensive, tasty, filling and very simple that is why they call it an ultimate snack food. Not to mention that popcorn is a whole grain, a healthy food.

Holy Kettle Corn is hand-popped and specially prepared using authentic kettle corn recipe. Packaging says “DO NOT MICROWAVE”.

Holy Kettle Corn

Holy Kettle Corn has variety of flavors; Cheese, Smoki N’ Barbee, Sour Cheese and the No Butter, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors, No MSG Popcorn!

Holy Kettle Corn

I love the cheese flavor but I find the Smokin’ Barbee interesting, it has a little spiciness and of course the barbeque, very tasty!

The No Preservative, No Artificial Flavors, No MSG Popcorn! is also good! It’s best for those on a diet and are watching the amount of sodium, cholesterol and fat intake. Although no artificial flavor added, it’s still tasty and has naturally sweet-salty taste we look in a popcorn!

Check out the content and calories from Holy Kettle Corn Popcorn!Holy Kettle Corn

The paper bags they use are lined with plastic inside. This kind of paper bag, guaranteeing a shelf life of 3 days, has to be imported from abroad as it is not being produced in the country today.

Holy Kettle Corn

Entrepreneurs Derrick Chiongbian and Aris Alipon first thought of the Holy Kettle Corn! in May 2004. The brand was built on the premise to offer the market an alternative anytime-anywhere healthier snack food that deviates from the instant popcorn (or the microwave variety) available in most supermarkets or popcorns at the cinemas.

Holy Kettle Corn

With 11 branches, including its first franchise outlet in Banilad Town Center in Cebu City. We can expect more Holy Kettle Corn! kiosks to pop up in major malls, supermarkets and cinemas! Holy Kettle Corn is available at 7-11 stores too and sold at P40 each.

I consumed four bags of Holy Kettle Corn in two days, hmm looks like I’m starting to love popcorn now! How about you, have you tried Holy Kettle Corn!? From variety of flavors what’s your favorite?


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