Nestle Fitnesse Shape Up Your Lifestyle Activation - Zumba Flashmob



I take time to stop for a moment whenever I see a group of people dancing inside the mall or in general public. As I watch them gracefully dance I also observe how mall-goers or bystanders react, I believe it changes one’s mood and lighten the day watching a lively and energetic performance like this and that’s why brands such as Nestle Fitnesse does it to encourage the public to join and live a healthy lifestyle. 

On March 10, Saturday 200 dancers from prominent dance groups in Manila, Fitness First Instructors and members surprised everyone in Trinoma as they gathered in one are and conducted a Nestle Fitnesse Shape Up your Lifestyle Activation - Zumba Flashmob.

Check out the photos below.


Nestle Fitnesse’s cereal is high in volume and low-calorie density, whole grains that makes you feel fuller longer. It contains fiber and is also high in calcium, iron and folic acid. Nestle Fitnesse makes a delicious breakfast or snack and is available in Low Fat Whole Wheat, Honey and Almond and Fitnesse and Fruit variants.


With proper diet and energetic workout like the latest exercise craze, Zumba Fitness can make you feel great about your shape. Inspired by Latin dance, Zumba Fitness lets participants sweat it out without getting bored thanks to the fusion of samba, salsa, chacha, and even Bollywood and hip-hop moves, all set to funky Latin and other modern music. Easy-to-follow, Zumba® Fitness works out all areas of the body for a maximum calorie-burning experience.

Check out the videos below, Zumba Flash mob at Trinoma

Take a chance to experience the NESTLЀ FITNESSE Way, by attending the NESTLÉ FITNESSE SHAPE UP NIGHT! Featuring Zumba® fitness party. The biggest Zumba® Fitness event in the country will be held on March 31, 6pm at the NBC Tent in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Expect to strut, spin, shimmy, and shake with the help of Manila’s top Zumba® Fitness instructors and enjoy nutritious servings of NESTLЀ FITNESSE cereals.


I haven’t tried participating in activities such as fitness party in the last 15 years of my existence but I still remember dancing in an open space during high school days, we usually have field demonstrations, aerobics or physical fitness/exercise once a week. It was a great experience especially joining a big group. How about you? Are you interested to join in the upcoming Fitness Party?

To gain free access to the event, guests just need to present a proof of purchase of any NESTLЀ FITNESSE variant and present it at the entrance or you could opt to purchase at the event.


Let us all welcome the NESTLÉ FITNESSE way to shape up our lifestyle this summer.


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