Susy and Geno, Inseparable!


Susy and Geno’s long-awaited reunion finally took place on March 11 at Market-Market Mall in Taguig!

Susy and Geno Reunite!

Susy and Geno Reunite!

A few weeks ago, Susy started a massive search for her missing friend Geno . Susy even put up a Facebook page where all info, photos and videos in relation to the search was posted.

Susy and Geno Reunite!

Finally after weeks of anticipation, Susy and Geno reunited again where the two met up not only with each other but with their loyal and very enthusiastic supporters, waving banners and placards expressing their unwavering support.

Susy and Geno Reunite!

Geno arrived at the activity center holding a fresh bouquet for Susy. It was a wonderful day for Susy and Geno and for their solid fans club. After long years of waiting, the two best friends shared a long and warm embrace.

Check out this YouTube video dance performance from Susy and Geno!

The two gladly gave a dance number people requested for. Afterwards, the pair mingled with the crowd where the latter grab the chance to take photos with them. 

Susy and Geno Reunite!Susy and Geno Reunite!

The reunion was also the first public appearance in many years for the faces of Sustagen Milk in the 80’s and 90’s, who disappeared from the public eye, only to re-emerge two decades later, starting with Susy’s return last February. Only then would we find out that she and Geno had actually lost touch through the years.

Susy and Geno Reunite!

Meanwhile, Susy and Geno’s friends from Sustagen also did their part, providing free milk for all guests and fans.

Susy and Geno Reunite!

It was a lovely day for Susy and Geno and for their loyal supporters. I’m sure happy memories came to you as you watched them reunited.

we support Susy & Geno!

Congratulations Susy and Geno!


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