Figaro Dinner Meals & Milk Teas with Popping Bobas!


Figaro Milk Teas

Coffee shops today are not just for  cappuccino, brewed coffee, espresso, cakes and pastries. They continuously make effort to serve us with the latest and hot item in the market such as MILK TEA 

Few weeks ago, I got the chance to taste Figaro’s latest milk tea offerings, an addition to its five (5) Milk Teas launched last January.

First that I tried was the Wintermelon Frost with Classic Tea (Php100). The sweetness reminds me of my favorite sago’t gulaman.


Figaro|Wintermelon Frost with Classic Tea

Of course, it has everyone’s favorite in a glass milk tea - gummy pearls! However, Figaro has added an interesting toppings that “burst” in your mouth - the popping boba!

Experience it yourself, the popping boba brings back the memories of our childhood, just like candies that bursts inside our mouth. Aside from the nice red and orange colors to your drink It also gives enjoyment – the popping boba is something that you and your friend could talk about while enjoying a refreshing glass of Figaro milk tea! 

Honeydew Frost with Figaro Tea(Honeydew Frost with Figaro Tea)

Aside from the Wintermelon Frost with Classic Tea, Honeydew Frost with Figaro Tea (Php 100) is also something you should try. It’s creamier compared to Wintermelon.

Remember the Chicken Rice Bake and Tofu Steak (read my post here) featured last January?

Starting April 11, Figaro has added two dinner meals from the previously launched Chicken Rice Bake and Tofu Steak, a perfect  meal for those who love barbeque and fish fillet.

Figaro Dinner Meals: Pan-Seared Chicken Barbeque with Java Rice

Introducing, Pan-Seared Chicken Barbeque with Java Rice (P150) and Crusted Dory Filet in Creamy Pesto Sauce and Rice Pilaf (P150).

I like the Pan-Seared Chicken Barbeque, with tender and flavorful chicken served with string beans and the java rice is good. The meat is not dry but I just find it small in serving size or maybe they could add more chicken.

CrFigaro : Crusted Dory Filet in Creamy Pesto Sauce and Rice Pilaf

On the other hand, the Crusted Dory is fine and goes well with the pesto sauce. The vegetable side dish adds color to the meal too!

Meal is never complete without dessert. How about moist, rich chocolate cake covered with coffee butter cream and finished with fudge icing? A perfect match to your cup of coffee, tea or milk tea!

Figaro : Devil’s Mocha Cake(Devil’s Mocha Cake)

Figaro Milk Tea Summer is definitely at its peak and this time all of us are craving for something cold and refreshing to drink.

Other Figaro milk teas available are Taro Pudding Chiller Feast, Taro Pudding Milk Tea, Strawberry Milk Tea with Yakult, Strawberry Lemon Iced Tea and Raspberry Milk Tea with Yakult

(Honeydew Frost with Figaro Tea)


You may check out my post of Figaro milk tea variants (see post here).

Thirsty? Why not treat yourself a delicious, cold milk tea topped with popping boba and gummy pearls today!

Dinner meals are available from 6pm onwards.




Hanston Building

Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City


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