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Fried Chicken and Sinigang! Name it, sinigang na baboy, hipon, bangus, tiyan at ulo ng salmon. Those are just two Filipino favorite dishes. Sinigang for example is just a simple recipe and can be done in the comfort of our kitchen yet there’s a place we often go to enjoy hot sinigang soup and sarap-to-the-bones fried chicken isn’t it?

Max's 4Sharing

I was at one of their branches located at Scout Tuazon for the newest offering from “the house that chicken built”, Max’s restaurant. By the moment you read this post, you might have heard from radio ads and read online about Max’s 4Sharing Meals.

Started on April 15, Max’s offers a sumptuous spread of one whole, regular, sarap-to-the-bones Fried Chicken; a bowl or piping hot Sinigang; four servings of rice and four glasses of iced tea to customers dining in groups of four.

Max's sarap-to-the-bones Fried ChickenMax's sarap-to-the-bones Fried Chicken

What makes Max’s new offering even more exciting is that customers may choose from a variety of Sinigang favoritesSinigang na Baboy, Sinigang na Tyan ng Bangus, Sinigang na Hipon, and Sinigang na Tyan at Ulo ng Salmon.

Max's Sinigang favorites Sinigang na Hipon

Max’s 4Sharing Campaign is about  understanding and responding to the need of our customers, when they are groups of teenagers hanging out together, young professionals meeting up for lunch, or seasoned Max’s customers craving for their favorite comfort dishes. With Max’s new offering, they get the best of everything – delectable dishes that are signature to Max’s at the most budget-friendly price, so they can enjoy and share these meals to their heart’s content,” enthused Edgar Allan Caper, Marketing Director for Max’s Restaurant.

The new Max’s 4Sharing is available for only P799 or a total savings of P187. It’s the most affordable meal bundle that Max’s has offered to the public, not to mention that it’s the best fried chicken we Filipinos love.


Max’s 4Sharing Group Meal offering will be available for delivery and take-out, from April 15 to June 10, 2012 in all Max’s branches nationwide.

Learn more about Max’s 4Sharing Meals by logging on to . Visit their Facebook page,


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