A Weekend in Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel


A Weekend in Matabungkay Beach Hotel
Soul Searching.The beach is a perfect place to relax, unburden and contemplate.

Few weeks ago I received an invitation to join a group of travel bloggers for an overnight stay in Matabungkay Beach Hotel. I heard about Matabungkay Resort from my dad years ago and from the past summer outings, I believe that once upon a time I’ve been in this place.

A Weekend in Matabungkay Beach Hotel | Front View
The resort is an ideal getaway for family and friends or maybe spending an overnight just being alone. Located in Lian, Batangas the beach of Matabungkay is just a few hours drive from Manila.

Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel
The resort has been around for 30 years now. Though the place is more popular among old crowd of people the resort has continuously upgrade and made renovations. As a modern resort, it’s now attracting the young ones.
Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Lobby Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Reception
We were greeted by Matabungkay Beach Hotel management and friendly staff.

Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Caballero CafeMatabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Caballero CafeMatabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Dessert at Caballero CafeMatabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Caballero Cafe

The planned hotel tour was re-scheduled the next day because of the heavy rain. Immediately after lunch we were ushered to our rooms. Ariane and I shared a room and became more comfortable with each other.

Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Our RoomMatabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Our RoomMatabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | T&BMatabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | T&BMatabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Balcony

We were given a deluxe room, it’s not grand yet very comfortable; it has functional equipment and no lavish ones. Our room is furnished with television, refrigerator, fully air-conditioned. I just hope they could provide coffee maker and free WiFi inside the room. However, there’s a spacious balcony – a place to write, think, plan or SOUL SEARCHING.


That afternoon was spent in a relaxing treatment, a whole body massage in hotel’s spa called Solea Spa. They have three cubicles so we were divided into three groups composed of three.

Solea SpaSolea Spa

I woke up too early the next day, it was around 5am and wanted to see the beach - beautiful and relaxing to the eyes. Even the fresh air sets a calming soul and good mood.

Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Swimming PoolMatabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Adult Swimming Pool
You will always find a reason to enjoy Matabungkay Beach Hotel. I enjoyed the short vacation walking on the beach, dip my feet at the edge of the pool, look around the hotel, moments spent chatting with fellow bloggers and of course good food at the hotel’s restaurant and bar they called COGON BAR. I spent most of my free time at the lobby and hotel’s restaurant and bar which has strong WIFI connection enjoying kapeng barako and a slice of cake.

Matabungkay Beach Resort | 30 yrsHotel's Restaurant and Cogon BarHotel's Restaurant and Cogon BarDSC00358Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Kids Swimming Pool

The resort recently underwent renovations to upgrade its services and facilities. The result is a modern resort that keeps its roots and honours the heritage that families have been enjoying for over three decades.
at night timeMatabungkay Beach Hotel | Beach Party
As part of its pledge to give guests a memorable summer experience, Matabungkay Beach Hotel is throwing a series of beach parties that  started with the Bloomfields concert “Unang Hirit Sa Tag-Init”. The Bloomfields are known for their Beach Boys-inspired brand of rock.
an afternoon walk on the beach
The next day I walked on the beach and saw how big the property is. They have basketball court, giant chess board just to name a few.

Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel, Lian BatangasMatabungkay Lian Batangas
Aside from complete amenities and beautiful beach, what makes Matabungkay Beach Hotel a cool resort is its personalized service which acquires more loyal guests.

walking on the beach of Matabungkay
Amenities are what set the resort apart, and Matabungkay Beach Hotel has the right mix of facilities and ambience for the city-weary guest.

Matabungkay Beach Resort & HotelMatabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel
This array of services proves that the complete resort experience isn’t just about the beach anymore. Check out these photos of Nasugbu Suite, one of hotel’s grand rooms.

Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Nasugbu SuiteMatabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Nasugbu SuiteMatabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Nasugbu SuiteMatabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel | Nasugbu Suite
The resort is also a popular venue for teambuilding, picnic, family gathering and celebrations – there’s so much we can do in Matabungkay I would have wanted to stay longer, even thought of staying alone for my planned SOUL SEARCHING but it’s not my day. Anyway, it’s always there and it’s just a few hours drive from Manila.
livingmarjorney at Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel
If there’s one thing that I’ll keep during that short stay is the warm, friendly staff.
So why do you think Matabungkay Beach Hotel has a lot of returning and loyal guests? You should find it yourself!
On my next post, “What I ate in Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel”
Matabungkay Beach Hotel
Lian, Batangas
Tel No. +632. 917.834.1269


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