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The cost of branded medicine continues to increase. Thanks to Generic Medicines which are priced cheaper than the branded ones. For the past three years I've been using generic drugs  and found it effective and in good quality. I frequently purchase paracetamol, carboceisteine for cough and other pain relievers.

For some, they are still not comfortable using generic drugs because of some bad reputation in the past related to questionable efficacy and poor quality.

Watsons -Generic Medicines

To overcome these challenges, Watsons exerted utmost effort to look for the right pharmaceutical partners and bring together quality generic medicines in the market. This is consistent with its mission of inspiring people to live beautifully and healthily and its aim to provide added value to its shoppers in managing their health.

Watsons-Generic Medicines (2)

The challenge is to educate people about the use of generic drugs and buying only in a reputable pharmacy retailer and checked if the products are FDA approved. Watsons, carries generic medicines that satisfy the stated criteria above.

Generic vs. Branded Medicine

Recently, Watsons launched the Buy Generics and Save advocacy that will ensure consumers are educated to know the difference between trusted and questionable generics.

Part of this campaign is making it easier for customers to look for the generic counterpart of their branded medications. Starting next month June, Watsons will bring together all its generic offers in a special, highly visible Buy Generics counter inside the pharmacy.

Buy Generics Counter

The new health section will carry the Watsons Compliance Packs (for chronic and acute diseases), Watsons Health Packs (for common ailments like headache, stomach ace, allergy) and a wide range of generic products only from trusted manufacturers like Unilab, Ritemed, Pharex and others. This will provide more options to customers on top of the branded products available.

I usually get my toiletries and other personal care products in the supermarkets. However, I also like shopping at Watsons because I got to save a few peso on value packs. They also have food and beverages section for my immediate refill. So, the next time you drop by at Watsons, check out generic drugs section.

Reminder from your friendly blogger RN:  Always consult your physician before taking  medicines. Never to self-medication.


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