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Milk tea is like a virus that infected me since last year. I still remember my first milk tea a couple of years ago, it was good but I never craved for it until last year when I tried Wintermelon Rock Salt from another brand.


On May 12, I was invited to the press launched of A-Gantea, a newest Milk Tea avenue at the heart of Greenbelt just beside Qoola, a yogurt place and National Book Store. A-Gantea came from Taiwan however it has several stores in Malaysia and now opened its pioneering store located in Greenbelt. 

A-gantea’s has a “pager” that vibrates and lights when your order is ready to claim.

 A-gantea’s “pager”A-gantea’s “pager”

I just love this place because of its cozy ambiance, friendly crew and their available WiFi connection. I frequent Greenbelt area last month for the reason that I went to IDP a couple of times to submit the requirements for IELTS until the time I took the exam. I never missed a chance to drop by for a refreshing hot or cold Milk Tea. There are moments I went there just to unwind, process things and to blog.

Want to know what I had during my trips to A-gantea?

May 12 – I had my all-time favorite flavor which I usually choose whenever I visit any milk tea store, whether new or returning  customer. It’s the TARO Milk Tea, my first milk tea here at A-gantea and I just loved it!

A-Gantea Taro Milk Tea (2)A-Gantea Taro Milk Tea

“Squeeze me and you’ll get milk tea!”

A-Gantea’s Taro Milk Tea is rich, creamy and has taro bits. I asked for 50% sugar level making its sweetness fine. For only P100 you get a medium size and P110 for large cup of taro milk.

May 18 – Me and my boyfriend had the regular Bubble Milk Tea (left) and Milk Lid Mango Green Tea (right)

A-gantea: Bubble Milk Tea A-gantea: Milk Lid Mango Green Tea

I noticed how happy he was with the Bubble Milk Tea having a lot of tapioca. Although it already comes with tapioca he still pay for an additional, he ended up with almost half of the large cup with tapioca. Opposite of him, I don’t like tapioca. In every order of milk tea it’s him who consumes all those sago!

On the other hand, the Milk Lid Mango Green Tea was interesting. It tastes real mango and with the rock salt on top, you’ll surely love it.

May 21, a day after the IELTS examination I went back for another round or milk tea. This time I had something different from their Fruit Tea selection. I tried hot Hawaiian Fruit Tea which has sweet-tangy flavor (P100). It was good but it’s not something that I would order again unless I have cough or colds. I recommend this for the health conscious and those who loved fruity-flavored beverages.

A-gantea: Hawaiian Fruit TeaA-gantea: Hawaiian Fruit Tea (2)

June 3 - Just recently, I had large Black Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly (P95) which I brought home, placed inside the freezer and consume after two hours while blogging. It tastes like the regular A-gantea’s Bubble Tea except that it has herbal jelly which I like instead of Tapioca.

A-gantea: Black Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly

Watch out for the opening of their branches in Robinsons Ermita, Ayala Triangle and Harbor Point in Subic. I recommend A-gantea, their Taro Milk Tea is currently my favorite from their Milk Tea selection.

Like A-gantea on Facebook, visit their website and check out their menu.

A-gantea Greenbelt 2A Must Try in Greenbelt: A-gantea

By the way, I searched what A-gantea means, “A” means free-spirited and “Gan” is sweet.

Wonder why I love milk tea?

When I discovered one of the best Wintermelon Milk Tea with Rock Salt, that day I also met the man of my life! So much for romantic story, this ends my post. Watch out for more sweet stories brought by a cup of milk tea!

Want to be sweet and have a happy disposition? Go grab a cup of A-gantea! Winking smile


  1. Thanks for the heads up! IELTS is very challenging and it should not be taken for granted. It needs time as well as constant review and practice.

  2. I agree! Glad I got the required scores for Visa Screen. Sara thanks for dropping by! :)


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