Turn Your Facebook Status into a Smooth & Creamy Song with Cadbury Smooth Status Singer App


We log on to Facebook to upload photos, get connected with our friends and to update our statuses but have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your Facebook status posts sung to your friends?


Cadbury makes your Facebook statuses smooth as Dairy Milk with its awesome app for that very purpose!

Cadbury Smmoth Status Singer Facebook App

To know more about it, visit Smooth Status Singer on the Cadbury Philippines Facebook Page, which will be launched today June 8, 2012 at 9am. I just tried the app, check out a screenshots I made.


Turn your statuses into songs as smooth as Cadbury Dairy Milk by selecting from one of several pre-recorded status song videos like “Let’s go out! Are you game?” which is available in various music genres, then posting it on your Timeline, and tagging your friends.

Smooth Status Singer

Also stay tuned to the Cadbury Philippines page for the announcement of the main event wherein for one full day, the Smooth Status Singer will sing your customized status messages. Once the app goes live, all you have to do is enter your status, tag your friends, choose a genre, and submit. In moments, your personally-sung status will be posted on your page!

Terms and conditions will apply, of course, so be sure to comply with Cadbury’s guidelines.

Cadbury’s Smooth Status Singer is definitely going to add a lot of fun to you and your friends’ Facebook experience.

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