My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2012


It’s the time of the year for the Search for the Emerging Influential Blogs 2012. Just like last year, I chose the blogs that I often read and believe; somehow changed my appetite, mood and outlook in life though I don’t personally know the writer. This year, I had a mixture of food blog, travel and family-focused blog. I also added lifestyle/fashion and technology blogs to my list.

The 2012 Search for Influential Blogs is now on its 6th year & continues to discover new blogs that has become influential to its readers including me. These are the blogs that started anytime from June 2011 to the present. The bloggers behind them established various reasons such as expression of thoughts, sharing of knowledge and insights and building a movement just to name a few. Special thanks to Ms. Janette Toral for initiating this writing project.

LivingMarjorney’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012!


1. Gadget -

Started in November 2011, Gadget Gambit features the latest gadgets and technology news.

This website is owned by Jonel Uy and I am proud to say that I also contribute for the website. Check out my post about Globe G-Cash Mobile App.  

2. Style Wise Manila -

Aside from the latest on style, clothing and fashion, it also features people, fashion bloggers even kids fashion shows. Though new, it has several posts that worthwhile to visit any time, any season.

By the way, I also write for StyleWiseManila, check out my blog post about bridal fair specifically Juan Carlos Catering on StyleWiseManila and the SM Kids Fashion.

3. Maximizing Marriage -

Searching for some insights and words of wisdom? Then Maximizing Marriage is the perfect site to visit. A website that could be very helpful in preparing for marriage, family and helps couples in coping with marital issues. Articles that give hope, builds better family (husband and wife) relationship and a portion where readers can ask for help and advice. Advise that are based on the word of God (the bible) and on the author’s personal experiences.

So, if you’re having some difficulties with your partner, maximize the use of internet read the Maximizing Marriage.

4. The Purple Doll -

No, this website is not about girl’s stuff like dolls and toys. I would say the owner looks like a doll - pretty and gorgeous. Purple doll is all about food; from the newly opened restaurants, hotel dining and even recipes. Merely looking at the photos will set your appetite!

Sumi, the blogger behind Purple doll sets a good example of a being foodie and a blogger – two different person. I say that, since I’ve been with her in a couple of food events and saw her passion and love for food. Just like any blogger, she gets the best angle and captures photos making it more special and appealing.

5. The Pondering Paodaolei -

It was my dream to see the Philippines before other countries. I’ve been to historical Banaue Rice Terraces, the beautiful Mayon Volcano, the amazing Hundred Islands, the romantic white sands and beach of Boracay. But I’m dying to see more of the Philippines so I take time to read travel blogs just like the PonderingPaodaolei.

The writer features different provinces in the Philippines and talks about her own personal experience. I love her photos featuring old houses and churches in the Philippines. Visit her blog and find out how attractive the Philippines is!

6. Foydi’s Treasure Hunt

Have you read about his “treasure finds/treasure chamber”, did you got "pasalubong from him”? Foydi, as we call him is known by many bloggers.

The first time I met him was sooo memorable. In fact he’s the one who gave me the alias “Casino Royale”. Just like any travel blogger, they document and share great experience, tips and memorable photos. Check out his blog and find out where foydi have been to recently!

7. Sining Factory

8. Tripapips

It was midnight when I first visited his blog. I can’t forget how it changed my mood while reading his “Tagalog” post! I was enjoying and I can’t remember how many pages I finished that night. Noks, the owner of Tripapips and SinigngFactory knows when to click the shutter of his camera. Visit his blog SM Southmall Sale

9. Intramuros Manila -

Let’s discover the beauty and history of Intramuros through the Intramuros Manila blog. The blogger behind this website encourage us to rediscover the beauty of old city and find out the story within the “walls” of Intramuros.

10. Rappler -

News are not only seen on the television and radio, why not read

Here goes my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012. How about you, which blogs influence or move you? Join this year’s writing project!


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