Something New on Figaro: All-Day Breakfast Samplers


Remember Figaro’s healthy malunggay pandesal (Prime Tuna and Asado filling) that comes with unlimited cup of brewed coffee? How about the Tofu Steak and Chicken Rice Baked? I’m glad to share with you that Figaro has come up with new sets of delightful all-day-breakfast meal which will be available starting July 16.

Figaro revealed the new all-day-breakfast samplers in an intimate bloggers’ event held at Figaro Hanston building in Emerald avenue, Ortigas. Let me start with a Spanish dish called Arroz Ala Cubana.

Figaro Breakfast Meals: Arroz Ala Cubana

Arroz Ala Cubana – a Spanish dish also called Arroz Cubano consisting or ground beef in tomato sauce, fried egg, fried banana plantain and steamed rice.

Figaro Breakfast Meals: Country Breakfast

Country Breakfast Sampler – it’s a combo of pancakes, sliced smoked ham, honey bacon and scrambled egg.

Figaro Breakfast Meals: Filipino Breakfast Sampler

Filipino Breakfast Sampler – Marinated bangus, beef tapa, skinless longanisa, salted egg ensalada (with tomatoes and onions) with garlic rice.

Figaro Breakfast Meals: French Toast Combo

French Toast Combo – Combo of French toast style, Hungarian sausage, Hawaiian sliced ham and scrambled egg.

For snack, Figaro also launched their ensaymada with ham, a perfect match to a cup of brewed coffee or tea.

Figaro Ensaymada Figaro’s Ensaymada with Ham

Figaro Ensaymada

All breakfast samplers are available throughout the day for only Php175 except for Arroz Ala Cubana which is Php165. It also comes with a choice of brewed coffee, herbal tea and lemonade.

From the four, my favorite is the Filipino breakfast sampler and French toast combo. However, since this is an all-day-breakfast meal, I might choose Arroz Ala Cubana for lunch and dinner.

The All-Day-Breakfast will be available starting July 16, 2012 on all company-owned and Figaro franchise nationwide.


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