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Aside from lipstick what do you usually apply on your lips to make it look healthy, naturally supple? While others had experienced feeling fullness on their lips which could be a sign of allergy, the trouble with some lip care products is that they make our lips darken.


I always have a lip balm inside my vanity kit. It’s actually a routine to apply it every morning before applying my favorite red lipstick.  Currently, I’m using Human Nature Peppermint lip balm. Aside from it moisturizes and keep my lips healthy, I also like its minty flavor.

LipIce AppleLipIce Grape BlackcurrantLipIce LemonLipIce Orange MandarinLipIce Strawberry

Recently, a friend introduced to me another brand of lip gloss, it’s called LipIce a product exclusively distributed by Watsons. You’ll notice that the brand has a fun and trendy design primarily because it’s made for the teens and young adults.


It’s a cool and trendy lip balm that will make your lips look good and healthy. LipIce protects and moisturizes our lips with its SPF15 sunscreen protection, color-free and cooling effect that treats cracked or chopped, dry lips. They are available in fruity flavors for only P89 each at all Watsons Beauty Store. 

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Celebrates BFF World Friendship Month with LipIce. Who is your trusted friend, your BFF? Just like them LipIce is your lips’ BFF giving you gorgeous healthy lips everyday!

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So what brand of lip balm do you use? Have you tried LipIce? Share your thoughts, hit the comment section. If you like this post, share it to your BFFs too!


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