SBC Heavenly Cheesecake and SBC Red Velvet


SBC Heavenly Cheesecake and SBC Red Velvet

Cheesecake and Red Velvet, two of my favorite cake variants now in a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee?

We usually spend Sunday afternoons with a cup of coffee or healthy juices while taking a day off from our desktop and netbooks before the Sunday service. On our recent visit at Seattle’s Best Megamall branch, I was delighted to see unfamiliar beverages and so I asked the crew. That confections are available in Hot Mocha and Ice-blended Javakula.  

SBC Red Velvet is a harmonious mix of our coffee, red velvet fudge and chocolate chunks, covered with whipped cream and red velvet crumbs.

SBC Red Velvet (Hot)

Expect a sweet and creamy flavor from the Red Velvet. Truly, a delightful treat perfect for a rainy day! Red heart

SBC Red Velvet Hot and Ice Blended

The Heavenly Cheesecake (hot) came next which turned out to be my personal favorite!

SBC Heavenly Cheesecake is a perfect blend of our smooth coffee, white fudge and cheesecake bits topped with a cloud of whipped cream and graham crust.

SBC Heavenly Cheesecake SBC Heavenly Cheesecake (Hot)

Both hot and ice-blended Heavenly Cheesecake promises a creamy and delicious treat you always find in a cheesecake! The graham crust adds more flavor to it! 

SBC Heavenly Cheesecake Ice-Blended JavakulaSBC Heavenly Cheesecake (Ice-blended)

Strong rains calls for a hot and delicious beverage to perk up our gloomy day. Thank you SBC!

SBC Hot Heavenly Cheesecake and SBC Red Velvet SBC Heavenly Cheesecake & SBC Red Velvet (Hot)

SBC Heavenly Cheesecake and SBC Red Velvet

SBC Heavenly Cheesecake & SBC Red Velvet (Ice-Blended Javakula)

Hot  P140 (small), P150 (medium), P160 (large)

Ice-Blended Javakula P160 (small), P170 (medium), P180 (large)

For me, these beverages are perfect for the holidays too. With its beautiful red, brown (graham) and white (whipped cream) I suddenly feel the spirit of Christmas! Heavenly Cheesecake and Red Velvet are perfect to serve during Noche Buena - luscious, creamy and sweet.

How about you? Have you tried them? Would love to hear your comments!

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